cosRX | Moisture Up Pad & Clear Pad

October 23, 2017

Boy oh boy, have I found the best product for my sensitive, dry and irritated skin!!!

I found this product on facebook. I was reading through a feed on this group that I joined and someone had mentioned what products to use for their acne and another person was suggesting this product. I wasn’t sure what this was at first so I looked it up. I was like… HUH?! at first, but then I wanted to try it and so I bought it online.

The red is to clean up your skin and the blue is to add moisture to your skin.

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My Notes

가을이 오는 그 때…

As Autumn approaches us, everything gets a new coat of paint. The trees, the flowers, the sky and even us. As the colors on these leaves show off their beauty, as the calm deep blue sky makes it’s way to us, a beautiful person,…

October 15, 2017
My Notes Seoul, South Korea

Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8 The UFO Art Lens

For those of you who already know, I recently got the Sigma 18-35mm Fstop 1.8 Art lens A.K.A. Art lens A.K.A. UFO lens. Yes, it’s great. Yes, it’s lovely. Yes, it takes great pictures. However, I came across a couple of discussion sites and…

October 11, 2017
Seoul, South Korea

남양주 물의정원 | Garden of Water

On Sunday, we took the time to go somewhere with the in-laws. It was the first time since Tyler was born, for all of us to go somewhere together. Fitting everyone in the car was the first obstacle for us but it all worked…

October 9, 2017
Seoul, South Korea

Thanksgiving in Korea

Our first Korean Thanksgiving together. All of us together. Usually, in Korea CHOO SUK (Thanksgiving) is remembering family (family members who have passed away) and spending quality time with family. For us, it’s putting together a table for our grandparents who have passed away…

October 9, 2017
Josh&Andrea&Tyler Seoul, South Korea

I’m 4 months!

Tyler is 4 months old!! Can you believe it?!?! It seems like it was yesterday I gave birth to this little monster..!!! Since he turned 4 months old, we decided to take some pictures. I think we’re going to take pictures like this every…

September 23, 2017
My Notes

In the next 10 days, I’ll grow stronger

In the next 10 days, I’ll grow stronger. As a mother, as a woman, and as a human being, I’ll be stronger. I live with my in-laws. Kaden, Josh, Andrea, Tyler and I live with my in-laws, in Korea, in a villa that is…

September 7, 2017