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April 9, 2016


Andrea took her first nap today at 10am. I have a feeling she might have another ear infection… she doesn’t have a fever but she’s just been crying and crying and crying a whole lot yesterday and today. I’ll have to take her to the clinic on Monday to see. If it gets worse tonight, I guess we’ll take her to KKK Children’s ER.


When it comes to sleeping kids. I just have to take a picture of them sleeping. They’re like angels when the sleep. I love to take pictures of their feet while they sleep. Especially their feet, because it’s like their feet are on clouds or something.



Love the hands too. I also love it when they’re about to wake up and they do a big stretch~~~ with their arms and legs just totally straightened. They do like a shiver of the wrists, with their hands shaped like a fist. It’s pretty cute.


Today’s break time for me came a bit late. Josh was really into playing with his trains AND watching TV at the same time. I really don’t like it when he has the TV on and is playing at the same time. Its almost like he has the TV on as background music or something but won’t let me turn it off. Anyways, he was really focused on playing with his trains so he didn’t want to nap.



But then at around 2:30pm he said he was sleepy and that he wanted to sleep on the couch.

So here I am with Andrea and Josh both sleeping. Me, enjoying a cup of Coffee/Vanilla ice cream (I do the one layer of coffee, then one layer of vanilla. Then repeating that like 15 times! LOL. A cup of ice cream and the kids… well…


They ARE SLEEPING! Although the fire alarm of the building next to us has gone off and it’s been ringing for almost half an hour. The kids are still sleeping.


The alarm just went off and then went back on. Is that possible???!! Do they not know how to turn it off??!!! OMG it’s so annoying!!!



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