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나쁜남자 여심 | 압구정동 포차 | 압구정로데오역 술집 | Bad Guy | Apgujeong Pub

August 31, 2017

나쁜남자 여심 A.K.A. Bad Guys is a Korean pub run by Korean Celebrity, Actor Noh Seung Bum.

Located right in front of BunDang Line’s APGUJEONG RODEO Station Exit #6, it’s a place to have a beer and enjoy a variety of different menus.

When you exit through #6, right after you get off the escalator, turn to the left and you’ll see the entrance.

It’s literally, right there.

Actor Noh Seung Bum has managed the restaurant very well and it’s a great place to just have a beer and meet up with friends.

The entrance stairway is filled with pictures with other Korean celebrities.

Once you head down the stairs, you’ll see the main dining area.

The tables are spacious and the main dining area is pretty spacey too. There’s also a room on the right-hand side that can accommodate around 20 people.

The tables seat 4 people per table and the menu is right on the table so it’s easy to find and read.

Now this. OMGs I want one of these screen thingys in my house!!!

On one side of the restaurant, there’s is a big screen that shows the nightscape of a city. Makes you feel like you’re somewhere else.

The food, in general, is above average. The ddokbokgi was not too spicy but rich in flavor.

The boodae gook which is a spicy soup with veggies, ham, and noodles was very delicious.

But most of all, the Chicken Doria was absolutely amazing!

The rice inside was not overcooked or mushy. It was chewy and well cooked, the chicken didn’t smell or feel too chewy. The Cheese, oh the cheese!!! So much cheese!!!!

If you’re ever in the Apgujeong area and feel like having some good food with good company, head over to 나쁜남자 여심 (Bad Guys)!

Oh, and on more great thing, THE SERVER SPEAKS ENGLISH!!!!

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