Seoul, South Korea

남양주 물의정원 | Garden of Water

October 9, 2017

On Sunday, we took the time to go somewhere with the in-laws. It was the first time since Tyler was born, for all of us to go somewhere together. Fitting everyone in the car was the first obstacle for us but it all worked out (we forgot that we could unfold the back seats. hahaha how stupid am I).

We went to 물의정원 in 남양주.

It was the first time for us and it was well worth the drive. it was so beautiful.

It was about a 40 minutes drive from Seoul.

It was only a short visit for us cause of Andrea and Tyler. Andrea is sick with a cough and Tyler kept crying and was very grumpy. But it was well worth the drive to head out and feel NATURE, in Korea. To be able to feel a bit of Autumn was nice for us.

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