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February 20, 2017

I finally got to try the AZ burger from Lotteria.

I found out about this burger from the pregnant with diabetes Naver Cafe and most of the mommy’s who tried it didn’t have high blood glucose levels afterward. So I ordered it too and tried it out. Most women would just eat the burger with water or coffee (usually an Americano) but I wanted to also try the twisted potatoes that they were selling so I ordered mine as a Combo (burger and drink) and added the curled up fries on the side.

그래도 임당카페에 나와있는 햄버거가 롯데리아 아재버거라서 얼마나 다행인지…

Apparently, the AZ burger is one of the new menus. I thought I saw them promoting this burger when I first came back to Korea, which was about three or four months ago. I guess they forgot to take down the NEW sign.

So the burger itself is  6,500 won (about 7 bucks) and the combo is 7,600 won (about 8 bucks). Now the difference between a COMBO and a SET is that the COMBO only comes with a drink. 

If you look closely on the site, some of the burgers have COMBO in the selection dropdown and some have SET. The SET selection comes with fries and a drink but the COMBO only comes with a drink. Make sure you select the right one.

Some of the menu items (like the AZ burger) don’t have the SET menu selection available so you’ll have to order fries on the side separately.

The last time I ordered Lotteria, I didn’t know this so I assumed they just forgot my fries or something but later on I found out that there was a difference.

So this was my delivery pack. It came about 20 minutes I ordered online.

There are different ways to pay. You can pay online with a credit or check(debit) card. Or when the delivery guy comes to your door, with cash or card.

My drink was about 2/3 full cause I guess the delivery guy spilled some of it on the way. The lid was a bit opened when it arrived…..!!!!

Three menu items like this cost me 9,700 won (about 10 bucks). Which I think is a bit on the more expensive side in Korea. But after trying this burger it was well worth it.

If you like Burger King’s Whopper, you’ll like this burger. Cause it kind of tastes like the Whopper.

You kind of can’t see the inside in this picture but it has lettuce, tomato, and onions with mayo and ketchup.

So the twisted fries is shaped like a boomerang and tastes like the curly fries that Arby’s and McDonalds used to have. But this one is more on the wedged potatoes side. It’s thicker and bigger. But I guess Keum Ho Dong’s Lotteria was a bit busy on this day cause they gave me such a little amount. Last time they didn’t even close the lid cause it was so full and overflowing with more fries. But I guess this is the original amount that most stores provide.

For me, I finished this whole meal, drank most of the sprite and my 1 hour blood glucose level was 114. Wow. I didn’t even exercise and that’s what I got. Liking this meal more and more!!!!

Although I do try and stay away from fast/instant food during pregnancy, when I do have a craving though I don’t resist. I just eat it.

I really want to try the Quarter pounder from McDonalds next time at home. That burger doesn’t have much veggies in it so I’ll have to get it and bring it home to eat with some more lettuce and other veggies added.

My next stop: SUBWAY Veggie 6 inch Sub


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