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룽청 | 압구정동맛집 | 압구정중식 | 압구정중국집 | Korean-Chinese Cuisine Apgujeong

August 26, 2017

Ever heard of Korean-Chinese Cuisine?

Well, it’s also called Korean style Chinese food. Long ago, when Chinese immigrants came to Korea to settle down, they took Chinese cuisine to a new level by making it their own. They put the Korean style into Chinese cuisine and made it a new sensation in Korea.

Now, Korea has its own Chinese cuisine that is Chinese food, with some Korean flare.

Fried shrimp with cream sauce.

I don’t remember what this was in English but it was like a slightly spicy fried shrimp dimsum on top of sea cucumbers.

This flower is made with pickled radish.

This is the spicey noodle soup.

And this is the bean sauce noodles.

This was the seafood rice which was not spicy at all and so very delicious.

For dessert we had this sweet plum juice, which was also very good.

룽청 is located in Apgujeong Dong (subway line #3).

If you wish to try Korean style Chinese cuisine but at an elegant location with private rooms, try this place out. You won’t regret it!


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