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베르베르 | 금호동맛집 베르베르 | Keum Ho Dong | Brunch | French Restaurant

July 28, 2017

KEUM HO DONG is growing so fast right now that there are so many new HOT eateries and restaurants.

One of them is 베르베르 (VERE VERE – I think this is the name, I know what it is in Korean but not 100% sure in English).

It’s located in an apartment complex, in the commercial building.

On the 4th floor.

서울 성동구 금호동4가 800 대우월드상가 414호 베르베르 10AM – 10PM.

We headed there through the main road. If you take the main entrance to the building, enter through where the SAUNA is located.

The 24HRS Sauna entrance is where the elevator is.

Go up to the 4th floor, make a right as soon as you get off, about 40 steps later you’ll find the entrance on your left.

One wall is filled with different types of wine, the other is the kitchen and a refrigerator.

This restaurant has one sharing table and can hold a capacity of about 12 people at one time.

Notice the wine? You can have a variety of wine that is less expensive than the usual wine carriers in Korea.

Everything is pretty open so y0u can see the cooks make everything right in front of you.

During the day, they have salads, soups, sandwiches and other brunch menus but during the night you can enjoy a selection of fine French cuisine and wine.

Everything is made to order by a French CHEF and everything is done with fresh ingredients.

The ricotta cheese, squash salad, and the cauliflower soup.

Both tastes super fresh and the soup had a little bang at the end (I think it wasn’t like a spicy flavor but more like extra pepper).

The salad was so fresh and soft with the housemade ricotta.

We ordered the Smoked Salmon Sandwich which was so tasty and fresh!

It was grilled on the panini grill and it was super tasty!

If you’re ever in KEUM HO DONG (near HAN NAM DONG and OKSU DONG) and want to enjoy casual French cuisine with some wine or just a casual but finely prepared brunch, I suggest you check out 베르베르!


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