사진찍는 아빠 | 왕십리 사진관 | Photo Studio Wang Ship Li | Dad who takes pictures

September 20, 2017

In Korea, SA JIN KWANs are known as Photo Studios. Studios where you can get your passport photos done or any other kind of photos.

사진찍는 아빠 (Dad Who Takes Pictures) is one of the Photo Studios that specializes in passport photos and family photos.

서울시 성동구 행당로 107

At HANG DANG (Line #5) station, use exit #2 and walk straight down the road.

After one block down the street, you’ll see 행당로 11길.

The studio is on your left-hand side, right after that sign.

You can’t miss it.

It’s on floor B1 so you have to walk down the stairs for the entrance.

When I got there, the entrance was pretty tight, however, the size of the studio is actually pretty big.

The photographer seemed to have done a lot of work. Even for movies. This picture was taken by the photographer for a movie. Korean famous actors HAN HYO JU and KIM EUNG SOO is in the picture.

It’s 30,000 won for passport photos, they also email you a copy of the image if you pay an extra fee.

Refreshments such as tea and coffee are also at the studio.

The one thing that I found very helpful was that you could see exactly what you were getting at the front desk. The monitor that was there showed me which photo set I was purchasing and how much I would have to pay, right on the spot.

Once you enter the studio, there’s also a monitor in front of chair you sit in so that you can see the picture that was taken. This was really helpful because I was able to adjust my position and head positioning while looking at the image.

There’s also a small powder room to fix your makeup.

Once the picture is chosen, another helpful worker shows you what kind of re-touching they are going to do and walk  through the whole process with you.

TA DA~~ this is the BEFORE & AFTER.

It was great to find a nice photographer, but it was even more nice to have found a place that really does have a passion for photography. I totally recommend this place for those of you who are in need of passport pictures or any other kind of picture!

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