Yesterday and Today

April 4, 2015

Yesterday was a really long day. I was super tired and honestly I don’t remember posting anything on the blog… BUT I DID… which was kind of scary.

Yesterday, they were having so much fun on the bed. They didn’t really talk or anything but they seemed to like each other and made really “excited sounds” hahahaha

Andrea is growing so fast. I don’t remember Josh growing this fast. But with Andrea, everything seems to happen really fast and quickly.

Even with a piece of bread and milk on the side of her mouth, she’s cute~

Then today, I decided to take a shower (I shower everyday BTW, I wrote this sentence and thought I needed to point that out.) then straighten my hair to how much of it really grew out. Then I though I looked like one of those Korean ghosts. 처녀귀신 hahahahaa

I haven’t had long hair for a really long time… I think the last time it was this long was when I was in school!

Then today for lunch we had 월남쌈. Vietnamese wraps. Or Spring rolls or whatever you wanna call them.

Wrapping like a pro~~`

Then we all played for a bit, Grandpa D had to practice his solo for Easter Sunday worship.

And then this one went off to her second nap time~

This is the face she makes right after breastfeeding her.

She makes this sound and does that with her lips.. makes it look like she’s still sucking~ 🙂

I hope everyone’s Saturday was great!

Have a wonderful Easter!!!!

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