Yang Pyeong, South Korea

양평 | Yang Pyeong | 생각족의 집 | House of Mind | Day 1

September 19, 2017

Kaden had not taken a summer vacation from work during July and August. Most people in Korea take their summers off during those two months. I figured it was because the kids get summer break during those months. Kaden didn’t want to do anything during July or August cause he knew that no matter where we went, it would be crowded and all the hotels and pensions(which are like lodging cabins) would be booked.

So we decided to go on our trip in September when my mother in law was away on her trip to Europe.

We booked our stay at the House of Mind in Yang Pyeong (will be doing another review posting on this place alone later on) and packed (literally) EVERYTHING to take with us there. Why? Cause we were going to stay there for four days and not do anything else. Just play, eat and sleep near the lodge. That’s it. But…. you know.. with three kids.. that really doesn’t happen.

We left the house at around 10 AM. We headed to 덕평휴게소(Duck Peong Rest Stop) for lunch then went to 여주(YeoJu) to say to Kaden’s grandmother.

This rest stop is CRAZY!! Its restrooms are “nature bathrooms” which have a little garden in the center of the bathroom. It’s covered and has glass walls but still it’s like you’re peeing in a garden.

The food is also pretty good. They have kids menus for $5 (5,000 won) which includes rice, a pork cutlet, and sides.

After lunch, we stopped by Yeo Ju to say hi to grandma.

We also picked some sesame leaves to eat during the BBQ we were going to have that night.

Then when we got to the House of Mind, it was like 2 PM. The kids napped in the car and so we got them to watch some TV while we unpacked.

Josh got upset cause he wanted to not just stay here for four days but actually LIVE HERE.

The bottom floor has the kitchen, dining area, a TV and seating (floor seating) area, shower, toilet and a storage area.

The upstairs has a bedroom with two queen-sized beds, a bathroom, and a little TV seating area.

The best thing about this place was that each pension house has a HINOKI SPA (don’t know if I spelled that right).

It’s like a small separate room with a wooden tub in the floor. You fill it up with water and can have a hot spa once a day.

It’s really nice. It’s big enough for the kids to play in with two adults sitting in it.

The beds were pretty nice too. However, if you’re going there with kids, I’d think about it again. The design of the house and everything is not child safe.

However, it’s a nice to place to stay in, in the mountains.

But there are bugs. hahahaha

The first floor also has blankets and mats to put on the floor so the kids could just hang around here too.

The pension also prepares BBQ fires for you if you ask ahead of time. It’s an additional 20,000 won for just the fire.

We ate snacks along the way so we asked for our fire around 7 PM. It was great cause Kaden was able to get everything cooked when the kids started to feel a bit hungry.

Andrea loved eating the BBQ with some Korean lettuce and make a SSAM to eat it.

The first day went by really fast but it was also the most tiring day. We washed up the kids and put them to bed around 9 PM but it seemed like it was 11 PM. Although it was tiring, it was fun and the kids had a great time playing in the water so Kaden and were pretty pleased. But the kids did get a cold that night.

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