Yang Pyeong, South Korea

양평 | YANG PYEONG | 생각족의 집 | HOUSE OF MIND | DAY 2

September 25, 2017

Day two at the “House of Mind” in Yang Peong. It’s such a great place to wake up. So quiet and the birds singing. I think during the whole time we were there, all mornings were great.

Oh my little Andrea. She wanted to sleep in between the two beds. There was a little bit of space between the two beds and that’s where she wanted to put her blanket down and sleep. So she did.

When she woke up, she wanted to play with Tyler so she came up to the bed and had her morning playtime with him.

We had a big day planned. We were going to go up  YONG MOON SA and take a walk.

But before going anywhere, I needed some sleep. I was up all night cause of a mosquito and cause of Tyler. I guess sleeping in a different environment for Tyler was a big deal. He woke up every two hours and wanted to latch on. So I was basically up all night.

So Kaden decided to take Josh and Andrea for a walk while Tyler and I slept in for about two hours.

The House of Mind has little tracks and walkways where you can take interesting pictures. Josh and Andrea when with Kaden and Kaden took the camera to take some pictures of them.

After a late breakfast, we all went to YONG MOON SA (용문사) and when we got there, there were so many bugs that it was horrifying.

It looks great in the pictures doesn’t it? hahahahaha but it was like bug nation!!!

So we put an anti bug patch on each kid and made sure they were ok and so that they didn’t get bitten.

On the way up to the largest and tallest ginkgo tree in Korea, we saw these wooden charms that were hung on a small bridge.

And the one that caught my eye was this one. “우리가족 사랑해~ 화이팅! 행복하자” what a lovely thing to write. The handwriting seemed like it was someone young. For someone young to have that kind of heart and mind… aw it was just so cute and lovely.

Good thing we took the Bugaboo Donkey. Oh my gosh, I almost fainted going up this road.

Thank GOD for that summer canopy!!! It kept the bugs out!!!

On our way up, Josh was so mesmerized by the tower of rocks people had made. He wanted to make one for himself.

(When Josh went back to kindergarten, after our vacation, he told his teacher that he had so much fun. When the teachers asked him what was so fun and what he did with his family, he answered that we made lots of rock towers and that’s all we did hahahahah oh my dear son).

I couldn’t push anymore so Kaden took over. I know he wanted me to push the stroller cause he wanted to take pictures of us, but it was getting so tiring that I wanted to just abandon ship and leave!! So Kaden took over hahahahah I’m such a pain.

Andrea was traumatized on the way because of a huge ant with pointy arms had crawled into the canopy. She was screaming and crying so much that we were like “say what?!” but then when I looked inside the canopy, oh my shitballs!!!!! The thing was HUGE!!!! No wonder Andrea was going crazy!

Even through all the chaos, it was like Tyler was just enjoying his day out with the fam.

When we got back to the cabin, the kids wanted to play in the water again so we got the tank filled up.

It literally takes about an hour to fill this thing up.

Josh didn’t want to go in yet cause he felt that the water was too hot (but it wasn’t, Andrea had already gone in).

Then after Andrea convinced him that it was ok, that’s when he decided to go in.

After the kids played, we had a late dinner and then we all went to bed.

Day 2 was over. Time was going way too fast and Josh didn’t want to go home.

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