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완우네 | 상수동 타코 맛집 | SANG SU TACO | SANG SU PUB | 홍대 타코 술집

July 31, 2017

I love going places with my dad. I am after all a “daddy’s little girl”. In Vancouver, we would go for coffee or just even go for a stroll around the hood, but ever since we came to Korea, it’s like we have to make time to see each other.

So today, we did.

We went to a Taco/Chicken place at SANG SU Station (Line#6). It’s a little pub like place that sells fried shrimp and chicken but you eat it like a taco.

Once you get off the train, head to exit #3. Walk towards the Starbucks that’s on your right side and keep walking along the sidewalk (don’t cross the street).

You’ll see a sign like this that points you to 완우네.

You’ll also find this cute table made of storage boxes and old beer bottles.

Isn’t it cute? Maybe I’m the only one who thinks it’s cute but whatever.

This is the menu. You can order a Shrimp Taco set or a Chicken Taco set or a half and half set.

We ordered the half and half.

The inside of the restaurant is very cozy~

They have two 4 seating tables and 4 high chair/tables inside. I think during the cool seasons or days, they open the folding doors so that there can be more seats made outside.


Doesn’t this look good?!?!?!

So you eat it like a taco, wrapped in the tortilla on the side.

We can’t drink beer so we had CANADA DRY Ginger Ale.

Once with shrimp, once with chicken and so on. Going back and forth is pretty fun and tasty!

The chicken is boneless so you can just eat EAT and EAT!!!

I think the next time I go, instead of the half and half set, I’m going to just order a shrimp set and a chicken. I feel like I can eat 3 sets by myself.

This is the BUYABES Soup. The seafood soup that we ordered.

It was full of seafood and wasn’t too spicy. It was full of flavor and wasn’t too salty for us to eat. It was a spoon attractor! Kept making my spoon scoop up more and more to eat!

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