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이번지깡통집 | 왕십리맛집 | 한양대맛집 | Wang Shim Li, Han Yang University Korean BBQ

August 4, 2017



서울 성동구 마조로7길 4-6

Opening hours: 3PM – 2AM

Okay, so my friend and I found a really cool Korean BBQ place near Han Yang University. Wanna know why it’s so cool? The reason: if you order BBQ they give you Sha Bu Sha Bu for FREE!!!!!!!!!! How cool is that?!?

Check out the menu. It’s even cheaper than other Korean BBQ places too. 7,500 KWN per serving! Say what?!

Pretty awesome right?

So, because they serve Sha Bu Sha Bu with all meals, they have two burners per table.

One for the BBQ and one for the Sha Bu Sha Bu.

The restaurant itself isn’t that big but enough to fit about 50 people.

The interior is really OLD SCHOOL KOREA.

And now let the eating begin!!!! The pork belly is exceptionally good. I mean DELICIOUS!

It’s been marinated with herbs so that you don’t get the usual pork meat smell and it’s not too chewy but really soft.

Let the cooking begin!!!!

While the pork belly was cooking, we enjoyed the Sha Bu Sha Bu.

Once the pork was all cooked, we enjoyed it with the different Sha Bu Sha Bu sauces that they had.

There are also side dishes and kimchi served with veggies.

Ah~ the usual lettuce wrap in Korean BBQ.

Then lastly, the Korean style fried rice.

This is seriously the best part of Korean BBQ.


Because they top it off cheese!!!!!

You can never go wrong with cheese on top of spicy fried rice!!!

If you’re ever in the mood for Korean BBQ but want something filling, good quality and cheap! Head over to Wang Ship Li / Han Yang University area for 이번지깡통집!!!!

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