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일마지오 | Il MAZZIO | 명동파스타 | 명동 파스타맛집 | MeyongDong Pasta | Seoul Italian Restaurant

August 1, 2017

Julia and I had lunch at IL MAZZIO in Meyong Dong and had the most fulfilling Italian food ever!

일마지오 명동점
을지로2가 199-46 충일빌딩 3층

Weekdays:  11:30 – 22:30     Weekends:  12:00 – 22:30

Il Mazzio is an Italian restaurant in Meyong Dong. The best thing about Il Mazzio is that you get unlimited pizza if you order a main dish, per person.

Not bad eh?

Also, if you go before 1PM, you get to choose between a free salad or a free drink. How much better can this get?!?!!

When we first walked in, it was packed!

The kitchen and table setting was like any other Italian restaurant.

You see that block right there in the picture with GREEN WHITE and RED. If you keep it with the GREEN side up, that means you’re willing to have more pizza. If you put it RED side up, that means you don’t want any more pizza.

Everything on the menu seems delicious.

This is the menu notice that states that if you order a main dish per person, you get unlimited pizza.

They have 3 kinds of pizza every day. You get to eat all three varieties and you can also choose which ones you want if you ask the server.

This was the salad that totally tasted like it was hand made from scratch. It tasted like the salad that my aunt in LA used to make.

The pickles.

This was the Garlic Shrimp Oil Pasta.

And this was the Spinach Cream Pasta.

If you’re ever in Myeong Dong and want to try great Italian food and not just get a taste of it but actually fill up, check out IL MAZZIO.

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