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입맛없을때 먹는 음식 | What I eat when I don’t feel like eating

April 3, 2015


When I feel like I’m starting to come down with something..

Or just feel “BLAH~” and really don’t have an appetite for ANYTHING.

This is my comfort food. Well.. there’s two, so THESE are my comfort foods.

I looooooove pasta.

My favorite pasta sauce is the Rosé Sauce.

Very simple to make and very very delicious!

All you do is take any kind of red tomato sauce, add a bit of whipping cream and a little bit of sugar!

The amount of whipping cream you put in is all in the amount of tomato sauce you start with.

If you use one whole jar of Prego, I would put in 2/3 of a cup of whipping cream and about 2 teaspoons of sugar.

I use raw sugar or Splenda.. so whatever satisfies you~


I also love putting broccoli into my pasta.

I love the texture it adds to my pasta dish.

Another thing I like to eat when my taste buds are zombies and can’t really feel or have an urge to eat is Vietnamese noodles!

I can literally gulp this down in 5 minutes, not even.


I like the dry noodles with fish sauce, hoisin sauce and sriracha hot sauce.

I usually put chicken, avocados, apples, yellow peppers, lettuce and cucumbers in it. But today… I only had a few of the ingredients.

Hope you enjoy your nite yal!!!


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