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집밥백선생의 볶음고추장, 열무 보리밥

August 6, 2016

So the other day I was watching “집밥 백선생” Season 2. I hadn’t been able to see it in a really long time. Mr. Paik is 백종원. The master-mind behind the famous BON-GA restaurants and Paiks Dalk Gal Bi and many other restaurants (if you would like to see all of them, check out their main website here).

On the show, Mr, Paik was making Fried GoChooJang 볶음고추장. This is basically stir fried chili paste with some meat and veggies. He made it with minced pork, garlic, chopped onions, chopped spring onions, oil, sugar and chili paste.

The great thing about this show is that he doesn’t use measuring spoons or cups but uses a regular household table spoon (the ones you actually eat with) and a plastic cup (the ones you buy to go on a picnic with or use at parties, not the big red ones but the small ones). This way, anyone can keep up with the recipe and he makes it super easy to follow so that anyone can cook the recipes. The target market for this show are men. Men who live alone or who have no knowledge of cooking. Who have failed to even cook instant noodles. I thought this was really clever and a good marketing strategy. I’m not saying men can’t cook, cause they can (and believe me, the cooks I like are mostly men). But to target me who have only eaten out of a box, or have only been eating what their mom or wife cooks for them was such a clever yet genius idea, since most men in Korea are probably like that. To make the recipes super easy so that these men can get up and cook up a meal for their girlfriends, mother or wife was just soooooooo sweet!!!!


Ok so getting back on track with the GoChooJang thing, the episode I watched was about using this chili paste in many different ways. So you cook this up, keep in the fridge for up to a month and use it as a sauce to eat with your rice, or as a main sauce in a different dish etc.


You can find the full recipe here on their site.


Once I made mine, I put it in the fridge and made some rice with pearl barley.


OMG this is just so good!!! There are many different ways you can use this sauce. I’m going to experiment with this sauce a bit more and see what other menus I can come up with.

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