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1st Period finished|Break time|육아 전반전 종료

June 17, 2016


엄마의 아침. Yeap. Mommy’s breakfast alright!

You’d think that mommy’s who have it all~ you know, who have THE GAME~ All good and everything would have a breakfast table that looks like this.


(Image provided by

But NOPE! A bowl of cereal in a Pororo soup bowl is what reality is!

Its really nothing to be sad about. It’s just reality. 정말 현실이 그런걸 어떻게 합니까. 인정하고 넘어가야죠.

Busy mornings that start at 6am. Can’t really do anything about that. You just have to make sure that you EAT and have enough energy to survive.


And once you get through that period of time, a little treat might just make your day brighten up. Just like how this did for me today.

I went to Cold Storage today to get some Pork Loin (to make tonkatsu) and this just was caught in the corner of eye and I just had to grab some! I don’t know if they are suppose to have this really nice scent (I’ve never bought these before, I don’t even know what the flower name is) but they smell just GRRREAT!!!!!

So nice to have time like this and have something that smells great right beside me while I type.

Ok, so, heres the thing about me and doing laundry. Every time, every single time I do laundry, it rains. Really. Over the past week or so, I’ve done laundry about 5 times and it rained every single time. I must be getting my vibe all wrong cause it’ll be sunny, but when I do the laundry, it rains.


Same thing happened today.

I had so much to do today so as soon as the kids went to nap, I made my tonkatsu sauce, cooled it down and then put it into containers to go into the freezer.



Then I took out a slice of Bread Talk’s Choco Hokaido Snow Roll and gulped that down like a PRO!



I like the white one but I also like this one tooo!!!

Now that my 1st Period is over (the kids are waking up). I guess I have to go back and start the 2nd Period of my PARENTING WARS!!!!

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