Josh&Andrea&Tyler Seoul, South Korea

2016/03/10 Late night flight

March 10, 2016

For our two weeks trip to Korea we took a late night flight. Or should I say an early morning flight. Our flight was at 1am.


We got to the airport at around 9:30pm and checked in. It took some time before we could do anything cause the mileage upgrade process took some time. I basically used up our whole family’s mileage, including my parents in law’s mileage LOL.

We got our seats in the Prestige Class and then headed to the lounge. However, Josh didn’t want to stay in the lounge. He said it was too dark and that it was scary. So we went in and stayed beside the gate.



While waiting for our seats and tickets, I took some pictures of the three waiting… Sleepy and tired as they all were, they were all soooo cranky!!!



Josh was the most grumpy out of the three but when I said that we were going to get on an airplane and head to grandma’s, he said he was happy and that he wanted to see grandma. hahahahahaa what a kid.

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