Pregnancy Notes

35 weeks

April 3, 2017

35 weeks.

Wow. Already. I’m almost at the finish line and it feels like time flew by in a flash. To be honest. It felt like FOREVER!!!! We took the crib out from the box last weekend and put it together. Actually, Kaden put it together. My belly is the size of a big beach ball and I feel like it could be any day now. I want it to be any day now. I have trouble sleeping, I have trouble walking, and I have trouble eating. I guess the only “no trouble” part is peeing and pooping.

I have my last two weeks checkup on the 11th of this month, then from that time on, it’ll be a weekly checkup. The baby is playing well in my tummy and I feel like it’s big enough to meet the world. Oh, how I wish I could just meet our little on this week.

Everything is pretty much all set up. Except for bottles. I forgot to purchase bottles… I am planning on breastfeeding just like I did with Andrea. However, I think I’m going to have a couple of bottles on the side, just in case.

The baby is about 2.3 kgs in weight. Heartbeat is really strong and Doc says if everything is ok, there shouldn’t be a problem if the baby came early. I haven’t been able to exercise much. So I’ve been trying to eat healthily and a bit less than usual. Not drastically to lose weight or anything just trying to control the blood glucose levels so that it’s just at the normal range.

Now that everything is all set and just a few more last minute things to purchase. I feel like I’m REALLY ready to meet my baby. I pray that we are both healthy and that we both go through a safe delivery process.

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