Pregnancy Notes

36 Weeks 6 days

April 14, 2017

My D-line picture for week 36.

I have not been sleeping well. Eating and going to the bathroom has been just okay. Nothing seems to be EASY. I have trouble sleeping, walking, sitting down and getting up. My belly is bigger than it was when I had Andrea at 36 weeks. I have more stretch marks than ever before and my mentality is just… Well.. Let’s just say I’m barely holding on.

I hope we get to meet our baby #3 this week or next week because I am just one physically challenged pregnant lady!!!

I have been swelling up in the legs a bit during the last couple of days. My fingers feel weird when I fold them and stretch them. I have kankles!!!!!

I don’t actually have everything ready, for the baby but in Korea, there’s a great site called coupang and their rocket delivery is “next day” delivery. So… I think I don’t have much to worry about!

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