Pregnancy Notes

37 Weeks 6 Days

April 21, 2017

Okay, so seriously. This baby is literally 3.3 kgs right now and has no sign of coming out into this world. AT ALL.

I have been walking like a crazy prego lady on steroids and doing my cleaning, doing my squats etc etc. Nothing seems to work. I get back pain and a little bit of lower abdominal pain during the night but other than that, I FEEL NOTHING.

Why am I so eager and in a rush for this baby to come out?

Kaden goes on a business trip next Monday and comes back the following Sunday.

I feel like Kaden is going to miss the birth of Tyler and I am afraid I’m going to have to do everything by myself. Which I really don’t want to.

I  did everything on my own with Josh because Kaden was in Singapore at the time. I also did everything on my own (except for the one week that Kaden spent with us) with Andrea and now it seems like I have to do the same thing AGAIN with Tyler. Uh. Makes me mad.

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