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40 Days Fasting and Praying with COAH|CITY ON A HILL CHURCH

February 24, 2016


Its not your average church. Its not your typical and local church either. It’s also not the famous celebrity pastor church too. It’s the church that doesn’t try TOO HARD or calls you everyday to check on and make sure you come back next Sunday with that extra “pressure”. No. It’s not. It’s COAH. CITY ON A HILL CHURCH. The church that makes you FAMILY. The church that tries to “make it happen” around YOU.

With Pastor Teddy, I am also trying hard on this 40 Days of Fasting and Praying. Although I’m half way around the globe, basically on the other side of the earth. I keep up with him and his family, church family, on this “40 Days of Fasting and Praying” mission. Simple yet so strong and powerful.

Join me, if you want to take the challenge. Join me if you really, truly want to put your heart into “IT”.

“IT” as in, walking with GOD.

Just click the link above and check back everyday for an update.

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