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July 30, 2016

Oh~ the quiet sounds of 4PM just makes me feel… so… CALM and RELAXED (for the first time today).

Yester, Kaden drove MR. KIM to the airport. He was one of the few people who came to help Kaden’s work from Korea’s head office. MR.KIM was like a miracle worker (according to Kaden). Anyways, I knew Kaden was driving him but I didn’t know what time so I asked Kaden to stop by the PARIS BAGUETTE at Changi Airport and buy some bread for the kids to eat the next morning and to bring me back some sliced cake, if they had any left. Usually they sell out REALLY fast so I didn’t expect him to bring much home but, oh did he bring SOME bread home. 파리바게뜨를 쓸어오심. Not only did he bring PB home. He also bought Burger King and Krispy Kreme. So this morning, it was like a party!!!



And thanks to Kaden, I was able to have a nice breakfast on my own. While the kids ate their bread and doughnuts, I sat at the table with an almond pastry and coffee.

After their breakfast (which they had at 7am BTW), they watched some Disney Junior and then played with their Duplo Legos.


Andrea kept swinging the water bottles around. I guess she thought it was fun.



Then after a long long long playtime with some Playdoh, we had lunch. They eat ate a big bowl of BulGoGi Bap, had two bowls of watermelon and then some dried persimmon. They had a big lunch so I thought they would pass out shortly after… But they both fell asleep just a little before 4 PM (notice the subject of this post? hahaha).

Before the kids fell asleep though, I got really sleepy around 3PM so I brought the kids into the room and gave each of them an iPhone and an iPad to watch Larva and Pororo. As they watched, I napped for about 40 minutes. Oh what a great mother I am!!! Aren’t I?!?!?

When I woke up, they were both kind of zoned out. I turned all the devices off and just like that, they both fell asleep. Almost at the same time.

Once I knew they were both deeply asleep, I made myself some coffee, opened the balcony doors and turned on the ceiling fans.


Aren’t they so cute when they’re asleep?



I also checked my lettuce that I’m growing.


I drank my coffee so fast, it felt like it was gone in one sip!!!!


I might need to plant more sesame seeds. My sesame leaves are running out.


So happy that I only had this much laundry today!!! YAY!!!


And so happy we have these fans!!!


After my coffee, I cleaned up after the kids. They do a good job of cleaning and organizing so I didn’t have to do much.






Now, after I press the publish button on this ”add a post” page. I am going to sit down with a book and listen to Isao Sasaki’s piano music! Oh! I’m going to organize my scheduler too.

Gotta figure out what I’m cooking for dinner too!!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!!!!


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