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5 minute Korean Make Up

August 13, 2016


The whole Korean Make Up thing is so in trend right now that SKII even did a commercial on it.

Here’s how I do my make up and the list of products I use for it.


This is the product list in the order that I apply it.

Bio Oil

belif – the true decoction line rescue cream

TONYMOLY – My Sunny Perfecting Sun Block

Dr.JART+ – BB Cream

MAKE UP FOREVER – Full Cover Concealer

– I mix the BB cream and the concealer together before applying it on

TONY MOLY – Oil Paper Powder (fix powder)

TONY MOLY – Crystal Marble Highlighter

TONY MOLY – Crystal Blusher (brown)

Benefit – Water Resistant Pencil Eye Liner (brown)

NYX –  Natural Eye Shadow

Maybelline – The Magnum Volume Express Waterproof Mascara

Too Faced – Lip Injection Clear Lip Gloss

Watch me do my make up in this video! (I had already done the skin/base make up before doing this).

Here are closer shots of the products.


For my hair I use argan oil of morocco.





Okay, so the reason why I use Bio Oil before my base make up is to get that shinning, glowing face but I use just about two or three drops of it. Don’t over do the oil cause it’ll just make the BB cream slide right off your face and it won’t really get absorbed for a really long time. Remember, this is a quick way to get the make up on you so that you can go out the door QUICK. Make sure you don’t over do it!

I also mix the BB and the concealer because I want to get coverage of the product to make my skin look nice but I also want to make it a thin layer on my face, not a thick foundation. Also the Korean Make Up style that’s in trend right now is the “no make up look, make up”. Meaning: it looks like you have no make up on but you do. So the point is to get the make up on you as if you’re not wearing make up.

The blusher and highlighter, I only used just a little. The blusher under my cheeks at a 45 degree angle and the highlighter on my T zone. I used my fingers to apply it on just a teeny tiny bit.

Hope this helps!!!


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