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5 Websites for Beginners Learning Calligraphy

February 19, 2018

There are so many websites and youtube videos that teach you how to start with brush lettering and the basics of calligraphy.

I wanted to learn how to master brush-lettering and handwriting so that I can make my own cards and gift tags.

That was the first reason I started to search and google brush-lettering basics.

But while going through many sites and videos online, I ran into so many that didn’t show me the basics.

I didn’t know why my writing wasn’t turning out like the videos and why it was so hard for me to get the smooth lines that everyone else was writing.

I was hard enough finding the brush pens that everyone was using (Tombow dual brush pens and the Fudenosuke pens) in Korea but getting the lettering to go in the direction I wanted to was even harder!

So then I started to REALLY do my searching. I picked sites and people that had the specific styles I wanted to be able to do too. Then I narrowed it down to the FREE practice sheets and REAL basic, and when I say basic, I mean literally BASIC BASIC tutorials.

So if you’re in Korea and want to purchase a TOMBOW pen like me, go here.

And for the sites with good tutorials and practice sheets.

Follow the links below.

Dawn Nicole Designs

Jessica Keala

Tombow USA

Scribbling Grace

Pieces Calligraphy


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