Seoul, South Korea

52 portraits 모임

April 29, 2015

오늘은 블로그에서 “내아이의52장의 초상화” 프로젝트를 같이하는 분들과의 모임이 있었다.

기분 좋게 아침에 일어나서. 아주 오랜만에 혼자 외출을 했다.

Felt like this day would never come but it did and I enjoyed it as much as I can!!!

나가면서 우선 셀카 한장 찍고!

Selfies are a must when going out without the kids!!!

Then I realized I didn’t have earphones so I went and bought some cheap 6 dollar earphones.

First stop was the dermatologist at 압구정 station(line#3).

It felt really weird when I got to 압구정 station cause on all the walls… it’s basically covered in cosmetic surgery before and after photos.

Next stop was the Linda McCartney exhibition.

While looking at her photos.. It made me want to become a better photographer. I’m not a photographer actually I’m more like a daily snaps picture taker. But her photos made me want to become better at taking pictures.

One of the quotes that I REALLY liked was….


After the exhibit viewing, we went to eat 삼계탕. It was so weird… there were so many Chinese people at this place.

Then we went to Kopitiam which was a Singapore style cafe.


오늘 정말 좋은 분들을 만나서 기분 좋았고~

혼자 오랜만에 외출을 해서 더더더 좋았당~

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