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Josh&Andrea&Tyler Seoul, South Korea

The first day of our December 2017

December 3, 2017

The first day of our December started with a lunch date with my parents. My mom’s birthday is in December and my dad’s in February so we met together on a day Kaden didn’t go to work and had lunch together.

We went to Gourmet Tree in Keum Ho Dong. It’s a nice little Western restaurant that serves salad, soups, sandwiches, pastas, and steaks.

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Josh&Andrea&Tyler Parenting Notes Seoul, South Korea

Tis the season to be SICK

November 23, 2017

Ever since Tyler turned 6 months old, all three kids have been sick. Tyler got it the worst.

Tyler had bronchitis and when that got better, he got the cold that Andrea had, and then Josh got it.

Andrea is getting better now but Tyler is still sick. It seems like he’s been sick for almost a month now.

Josh has it too but it’s just a light cold for Josh. But for Tyler, it’s like a stuffy nose, runny nose, cough and fever at night.

I hate it when they get a fever at night and can’t sleep. Yesterday, I ergo-ed him and I slept sitting on the sofa.

I hope this all goes away soon.

Lord be with us!

Food Notes

Comfort food: Chicken Noodle Soup

November 17, 2017

Comfort food.

It’s exactly what I need. Although this is food for the body.

I actually also need some comfort food for my mind and soul.

I miss my friends. My unni and hyungboo. The cold air. The beautiful trees. The deep blue sky.

I actually miss FRESH AIR. Air that is breathable.

Today I was in the mood for soup. I wanted something to … I don’t know what the heck I’m typing. I wanted to make some chicken noodle soup yesterday so when I went to emart with Kaden, I bought some fresh herbs and ingredients to make it today. So today, I did. I made a whole big pot.

My in-laws had never tried chicken noodle soup so we had it for lunch.

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Josh&Andrea&Tyler Seoul, South Korea

Friends for life

November 13, 2017

Our firstborns are born in the same year, our seconds are also born in the same year. Our third children are one year apart. I realized today, how important REAL TRUE friends are. To have people care about you and to be able to call people with a beautiful soul, your friend, is an amazing thing.

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Daily Devotion

November 9, 2017

34 “I give you a new command. Love one another. You must love one another, just as I have loved you.

35 If you love one another, everyone will know you are my disciples.”

– John 13:34-35

Lord, thank you for a wonderful and safe day today. I sit here and pray with so much thankfulness in my heart, I do not know how to show this to you. I am grateful for your mercy and all that you’ve given to me today. Thank you for Tyler’s vaccinations going well, thank you for Josh and Andrea’s safe day at kindergarten and preschool. Thank you for every single guideline you gave me today. I pray Lord that you give my mother-in-law strength to heal her knee. I pray that you bless her and touch her so that she could recover soon and get better. I also pray for my dad and my father-in-law who is sick with a cold. Please give their bodies whatever it is they may need to recover from this bad cold. Lord, Tyler is having trouble sleeping, since he had two shots today, I pray that you be with him and me through tonight so that we may overcome this. Father, I pray for you to give us wisdom and an open heart to see the road you have prepared for us. Lord be with us as we prepare and as Kaden goes through a change in his life. May this be a turning point for all of us. So that we live to praise you more and to raise our children as sons and daughters of your kingdom. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.


Why I use cosRX Products Even Though I don’t have Acne Prone Skin

November 9, 2017

A while ago, my friend asked me why I use cosRX products even though I don’t have acne prone skin. I don’t have pimples but I do have dry skin that can easily break out. My skin doesn’t break out with a whole bunch of red dots on my face, but I do get little tiny rash-like little pimples and my face also goes super red. Especially my cheeks. If I don’t provide enough hydration to certain areas of my face, it’ll get really bumpy with lots and lots of little tiny bumps. Which looks super weird when you put foundation on. That’s why I chose cosRX products for my face.

The One Stip Moisture Up Pad brings so much moisture to my face that I don’t have to put anything else on, after it. It’s that moist. It gets absorbed very well and doesn’t feel like the moisture is just sitting on the surface of my skin but gets absorbed and spread out evenly throughout my whole face.

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