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Food Notes

Comfort food: Chicken Noodle Soup

November 17, 2017

Comfort food.

It’s exactly what I need. Although this is food for the body.

I actually also need some comfort food for my mind and soul.

I miss my friends. My unni and hyungboo. The cold air. The beautiful trees. The deep blue sky.

I actually miss FRESH AIR. Air that is breathable.

Today I was in the mood for soup. I wanted something to … I don’t know what the heck I’m typing. I wanted to make some chicken noodle soup yesterday so when I went to emart with Kaden, I bought some fresh herbs and ingredients to make it today. So today, I did. I made a whole big pot.

My in-laws had never tried chicken noodle soup so we had it for lunch.

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Food Notes

나쁜남자 여심 | 압구정동 포차 | 압구정로데오역 술집 | Bad Guy | Apgujeong Pub

August 31, 2017

나쁜남자 여심 A.K.A. Bad Guys is a Korean pub run by Korean Celebrity, Actor Noh Seung Bum.

Located right in front of BunDang Line’s APGUJEONG RODEO Station Exit #6, it’s a place to have a beer and enjoy a variety of different menus.

When you exit through #6, right after you get off the escalator, turn to the left and you’ll see the entrance.

It’s literally, right there.

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룽청 | 압구정동맛집 | 압구정중식 | 압구정중국집 | Korean-Chinese Cuisine Apgujeong

August 26, 2017

Ever heard of Korean-Chinese Cuisine?

Well, it’s also called Korean style Chinese food. Long ago, when Chinese immigrants came to Korea to settle down, they took Chinese cuisine to a new level by making it their own. They put the Korean style into Chinese cuisine and made it a new sensation in Korea.

Now, Korea has its own Chinese cuisine that is Chinese food, with some Korean flare.

Fried shrimp with cream sauce.

I don’t remember what this was in English but it was like a slightly spicy fried shrimp dimsum on top of sea cucumbers.

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이번지깡통집 | 왕십리맛집 | 한양대맛집 | Wang Shim Li, Han Yang University Korean BBQ

August 4, 2017



서울 성동구 마조로7길 4-6

Opening hours: 3PM – 2AM

Okay, so my friend and I found a really cool Korean BBQ place near Han Yang University. Wanna know why it’s so cool? The reason: if you order BBQ they give you Sha Bu Sha Bu for FREE!!!!!!!!!! How cool is that?!?

Check out the menu. It’s even cheaper than other Korean BBQ places too. 7,500 KWN per serving! Say what?!

Pretty awesome right?

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[KR] HONG DAE AMERICAN DELI | 홍대 수제버거 맛집 | 홍대 수제버거 | 홍대 데이트 맛집 | 홍대 스테이크 맛집 | Philly Cheese Steak

August 2, 2017

Today Julia and I went to the famous “AMERICAN DELI” in Hong Dae.

Chef OH is famous for winning the East Western Food Festival. He even won 3 times!!!!

He has also been on the Korean TV program DAL IN on SBS.

He is well known for creating hand made burgers that are created with fresh ingredients and with precise details in his recipes.

“AMERICAN DELI” is located in HONG DAE IP GU (Line #2).

If you exit #8, it can be found easier.

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일마지오 | Il MAZZIO | 명동파스타 | 명동 파스타맛집 | MeyongDong Pasta | Seoul Italian Restaurant

August 1, 2017

Julia and I had lunch at IL MAZZIO in Meyong Dong and had the most fulfilling Italian food ever!

일마지오 명동점
을지로2가 199-46 충일빌딩 3층

Weekdays:  11:30 – 22:30     Weekends:  12:00 – 22:30

Il Mazzio is an Italian restaurant in Meyong Dong. The best thing about Il Mazzio is that you get unlimited pizza if you order a main dish, per person.

Not bad eh?

Also, if you go before 1PM, you get to choose between a free salad or a free drink. How much better can this get?!?!!

When we first walked in, it was packed!

The kitchen and table setting was like any other Italian restaurant.

You see that block right there in the picture with GREEN WHITE and RED. If you keep it with the GREEN side up, that means you’re willing to have more pizza. If you put it RED side up, that means you don’t want any more pizza.

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완우네 | 상수동 타코 맛집 | SANG SU TACO | SANG SU PUB | 홍대 타코 술집

July 31, 2017

I love going places with my dad. I am after all a “daddy’s little girl”. In Vancouver, we would go for coffee or just even go for a stroll around the hood, but ever since we came to Korea, it’s like we have to make time to see each other.

So today, we did.

We went to a Taco/Chicken place at SANG SU Station (Line#6). It’s a little pub like place that sells fried shrimp and chicken but you eat it like a taco.

Once you get off the train, head to exit #3. Walk towards the Starbucks that’s on your right side and keep walking along the sidewalk (don’t cross the street).

You’ll see a sign like this that points you to 완우네.

You’ll also find this cute table made of storage boxes and old beer bottles.

Isn’t it cute? Maybe I’m the only one who thinks it’s cute but whatever.

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KINGKONG STEAK | SHINSA DONG | 킹콩스테이크 | 가로수길맛집 | 신사동맛집

July 28, 2017

Kaden and I had the chance to go to GAROSU GIL the other day and went to KINGKONG STEAK for a late lunch.


If you know where KWANG LIM CHURCH in Apgujeong Station is, it’s close to the church. From APGUJEONG Station (Line#3) use exit number 4 or 5 and head towards the church. Once you get to the main entrance of the church keep walking towards GAROSU GIL, you’ll find KINGKONG Steak on your left hand side.

When we arrived, there were lots of cars lined up in front of the restaurant.

This is what the outside looks like.

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베르베르 | 금호동맛집 베르베르 | Keum Ho Dong | Brunch | French Restaurant

July 28, 2017

KEUM HO DONG is growing so fast right now that there are so many new HOT eateries and restaurants.

One of them is 베르베르 (VERE VERE – I think this is the name, I know what it is in Korean but not 100% sure in English).

It’s located in an apartment complex, in the commercial building.

On the 4th floor.

서울 성동구 금호동4가 800 대우월드상가 414호 베르베르 10AM – 10PM.

We headed there through the main road. If you take the main entrance to the building, enter through where the SAUNA is located.

The 24HRS Sauna entrance is where the elevator is.

Go up to the 4th floor, make a right as soon as you get off, about 40 steps later you’ll find the entrance on your left.

One wall is filled with different types of wine, the other is the kitchen and a refrigerator.

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콩빠두 | 옥수동 두부 맛집 | Tofu Restaurant | Oksu Station Line #3

July 27, 2017

Yesterday, I went to a Tofu restaurant called 콩빠두.

It’s located at OKSU Station Line#3, behind GS25 near exit #6.

Once you exit through exit #6 down the stairs, you’ll see EDIYA coffee. Walk towards it and you’ll find GS25 on your left.

Right when you pass GS25, make a left, into the small street.

Once you make a left, you’ll see the restaurant at the end.

It’s a really clean and petite restaurant. But it has all things good with TOFU you can think of.

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[KR] PIZ BURGER | ITAEWON | 피츠버거 | 이태원 수제버거 | 이태원맛집 | 햄버거 맛집

July 21, 2017

Today I had the chance to go to a really nice burger joint in ITAEWON (Line#6). PIZ BURGER is a burger restaurant that sells handmade burgers.

If you get off at ITAEWON Station, use EXIT # 2 and walk towards Cafe Bene.

Keep walking until you pass HANA Bank, keep walking until you see MINISTOP convenience store, its right next to it.

When you get there, you’ll also see this sign

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[KR] DEAR TABLE | 디어테이블 | JANG AN PYEONG Station Brunch Cafe

July 18, 2017

Today I got the chance to go to a REALLY SUPER NICE Brunch Cafe in JANG AN DONG.

From JANG AN PYEONG Station (Purple Line #5), use exit #3. Walk straight towards the road and you’ll see a bus tation.

From this station take bus number 2233 and get off 4 stops later in front of KYUNG NAM HOTEL.

Once you get off the bus, you’ll see CAFE BENE on your left. Walk towards Cafe Bene and make a right, towards Cafe Bene.

Walk straight to the end of the road and make a left. You’ll see this.

Walk about 50 steps and DEAR TABLE will be on your left.

TA DA~ The exterior is like any ordinary cafe & brunch restaurant. Very westernized. Just looking at this, made me miss home.

Felt like a restaurant in downtown Vancouver.

The entrance is in the middle and there are two balconies on each side. The doors are folding doors that I think are kept open during days that are cool.

That’s my mom walking in. She was so excited to eat here!

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