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SANLIZZ HAIR | Shin Keum Ho Station Hair Salon | 산리쯔헤어 신금호점

February 9, 2017

Josh and I went and got our hair done today. We both got haircuts done at the same place but different times of the day.

Hair designer ARA is our hair stylist and she’s really good at what she does.

SANLIZZ Hair is located at Shin Keum Ho Station (line number 5) and is open from Monday – Sunday 10:30 am to 9 pm.

서울특별시 성동구 무수막길 93


Josh getting his hair done and not crying. For children’s haircuts they charge 10000 won (approximately $10 dollars) and for women’s haircuts they charge 18000 won (approximately $18 dollars).

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Pregnancy Notes Reviews&Ratings

Care Sens N | Blood Glucose Monitor | 혈당측정기 | 케어센스N

February 3, 2017

Ever since I started to measure my blood glucose levels at home, I used the Care Sens N Voice monitor that the clinic gave me (or more like I rented from them). I found a deal on for this Care Sens N monitor for 19900 won KRW.

It came with the monitor, 10 needles, and 10 strips.

I found that most monitors are around the 50000 won – 70000 won range and between the 30000 won – 40000 won range for less expensive ones. They all seem to work pretty much in the same way. You poke the finger tip with the needle/pencil (I call it a pencil) and place your finger at the tip of the testing strip. The strip will literally suck your blood into the testing area of the strip to test your blood glucose level. It only takes about 5 seconds for the results.


LG Puri Care Air Purifier

January 29, 2017

A few weeks ago, I was cleaning the house and wanted to clean the air purifier that our in-laws were using. I noticed that it was a bit dirty on the outside so I decided to take it apart, clean it and change the filters. I found out that we didn’t have any filters left for it and that the machine itself, AKA, the inside area where the air passes to come out was so dirty that there had been mold build up on the machine itself. I called the AS center and they said that the machine itself wasn’t made for cleaning on the inside (the area that I was describing to them) and that it would just be safer for us to get a new air purifier.

We used SHARP’s air purifier for over 7 years and I think it was time to go.

Kaden said that LG’s PuriCare had good ratings and that we could get a good deal on it if we bought it through Kaden’s work/affiliates site.

So we looked through the ratings, carefully read through the feedback that people wrote and decided to the LG PuriCare.

It arrived in the box 2 days later. It’s amazing how fast the Korean delivery system is.

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Food Notes Reviews&Ratings Seoul, South Korea

[KR] CHICAGO PIZZA | Deep dish pizza |시카고피자|피자맛집|이태원시카고피자

January 9, 2017

Yesterday, Kaden and I went to ITAEWON to have the famous “Original Chicago Pizza” A.K.A. Deep Dish Pizza.

Open 12:00 / Closed 23:00 / Last Order 22:00

서울특별시 용산구 이태원로27가길 37, 4층,5층,6층 TEL. 02-794-8120

The interior design of the 5th floor was… interesting.

Each table had a log on the table to place the pizza dish, once it was served.

Every table was separated by fence-like walls that were built up.

The menu was a bit worn out. I guess the “vintage” design and worn out paper was their concept(?) maybe.

Each log had their logo on it.

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Josh&Andrea&Tyler Reviews&Ratings 2017 Calendar|달력만들기|스냅스|Making a calendar

January 4, 2017

This year I made a calendar with the kids’ pictures for us. I actually wanted to do this when Josh was born but really didn’t have the time or effort to make this. I think I was just lazy until now.

This year I knew I had a bunch of good pictures to choose from so I went onto and went through the design templates that they had to create our 2017 calendar.

All the design templates weren’t right on point with me. Or I’m just really messed up and can’t pick a design. So I chose a blank design sheet and created a simple calendar design.

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[KR] 금호동 고깃집 | 돼지미학 | 금호동 맛집 돼지味學 | Keum Ho Dong | Korean BBQ

January 3, 2017

So about a week ago, Kaden and I went to this new place right near my in-laws place called DAE GI MI HAK.

It’s a Korean BBQ place that only sells pork meat. They do the dry aging process to the meat and the price for a two person dinner set was 28000 WON.

Pretty nice for two people. 28 bucks for a dinner meal? Hey, I’m up for that!

So when we went in it was on a Friday night so we had to wait a bit. There are only about 10 tables and they were all full.

Now, the cool thing about this place was that the burner and the table itself was like an induction system by itself.

They just placed the ceramic plate or dish that you cook the meat on, right on the table and that became the burner.

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[Mac] Font organizer | Linotype FontExplorer X

December 18, 2016

Out of all the font organizers that are out there, I have always used Linotype FontExplorer X to organize my fonts on a Mac.

It’s really simple to use and it creates an organized library of all of my fonts so that I don’t have to get them all mixed up.

I can also create different font groups for different projects and turn them on or off when I need to.

Get your copy here.

Josh&Andrea&Tyler Reviews&Ratings Seoul, South Korea

[KR] Lilliput Kids Cafe | Seoul Indoor Playground

December 11, 2016

So it’s been a while, but ever since we came to Korea, we’ve been getting flu shots, vaccinations updated and just been going places we haven’t before. One of them is the new indoor playground that opened at the Enter-6 located near HanYang University.

It’s located on level B1 and is pretty easy to find. The location and facilities are fit for children ages 12 months to 8 years old.

The reason why we chose this location is because it was the closest to home and we knew beforehand (from friends who had already been to the location) that there weren’t many people during the morning hours on a weekday.

Christmas decorations were up and it was really quite cosy.

The ball pool that has an interactive game screen. This was where Josh played the most. The screen will display a whole bunch of different games such as popcorn, groundhogs, fruits falling down, flying space ships and bugs. The kids can grab the white balls and hit the screen to make the moving objects disappear. Josh LOOOOVED playing here but got a bit carried away towards the end.

This is the jumping area.

This is the pebble/sand play area.

This is the kitchen and market play area.

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Reviews&Ratings River Valley, Singapore

Using Hydrogen Peroxide in Your Home

August 4, 2016


Hydrogen Peroxide is usually used in the house to disinfect a cut or a wound. Most people have it in their first aid kits or in the medicine cabinet. However, did you know that you can use this clear magic water in different ways in the house. Here just a few!

  1. Whiten your whites more with hydrogen peroxide in your laundry. Put your white laundry in water. Especially the ones that have turned a bit yellow. Soak it with about 1/2 cup of hydrogen peroxide for half an hour, then run it through the washing machine for a really WHITE wash!
  2. Clean your refrigerator and oven! Spray hydrogen peroxide in your fridge or oven, leave for about 6-7 minutes and then wipe with a clean cloth to get rid of the food stains. Its also great to clean your counter tops with too!
  3. Clean your bathroom! Spray hydrogen peroxide on your tub or shower booth and leave for 25-30 minutes before scrubbing the tub and shower booth! Rinse with warm water for a cleaner and shinny finish!
  4. Whiten your nails. Soak your finger nails and toenails in hydrogen peroxide to naturally whiten them. Soak for about 15-20 minutes every night to get whiter nails! You can also whiten your teeth by mixing hydrogen peroxide with baking soda and using it every night as your tooth paste!
  5. Prevent Acne from getting worse or prevent it at all! Wipe your face with hydrogen peroxide every night after washing your face and before putting on your basic skin care line to prevent acne. It will make your skin calm down as well from being the sun!

Resources and more information can be found on the following sites:

34 Reasons Why You Need Hydrogen Peroxide In Your Home

51 Extraordinary Everyday Uses for Hydrogen Peroxide

Reviews&Ratings River Valley, Singapore


August 2, 2016


Today Josh brought back samples from PediaSure. I guess they were giving out samples to the kindergarten.


I love it when I get free samples but I also love it when my son drinks that whole bottle of PediaSure complete and asks for more. Hey, they got me on their client list now for sure!! One thing I like about this is that it’s gluten and lactose free. Not that Josh is lactose intolerant or anything but I just like to be safe.

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레고 장난감 정리함,Lego Storage Boxes

July 26, 2016


A must-buy item at the Legoland Malaysia store are these Lego storage boxes. Although they are quite big in size, they are always on the MUST-BUY list.


We bought one in black and one in white. We’re planning on buying one in grey soon too! hahahaha


They open up by pulling the top lid. The storage area isn’t as big as I thought it would be but this is a decor and interior design item I’ve been wanting to get for a while.


The kids really like cleaning up thanks to these too!!!


Belif Skincare Products

June 4, 2016

So during my trip to Korea, I did some research and found this skin care line called belif. Apparently they make really super moisturizing CREAMS (not just regular lotions), that are thick and great for dry skin (which is exactly what kind of skin I have, it’s like my skin is sensitive, dry and super picky at the same time).


I bought the “line rescue cream” which is like a very thick, creamy and moist night cream that could also be used during the day.

I also bought the “Peat miracle revital eye cream”. Such a long name for an eye cream. But it seems to work for me.

They were about $50 -$60 dollars each at the Duty Free in Incheon International Airport.

I paid a total of 110,000 Korean Won in total, so that should be about right.


Okay, so the eye cream is the BIG thing for me cause no matter what brand I use, I used to get a tingling feeling around the eyes and it would make it hard for me to keep my eyes open when I applied the eye cream on. My eyes would go all watery and I would cry while trying to sleep cause it was so NOT comforting.

HOWEVER, “belif” is totally different. I don’t get that  feeling at all, and most importantly, I’ve been using this every night for a week now, and I AM SEEING RESULTS. The skin around my eyes are brightening up and although I don’t see any wrinkles disappearing, I do feel like the skin is tightening up a little and preventing new wrinkles from showing up.

I’ll do another review of this after about a month of using the products.