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Finding a Maternity Clinic in Singapore

September 5, 2016

So…!!! It’s been just a couple of days since we found out we are having another child. What a great blessing. I always wanted to have three kids and God has blessed us with three!!!!

I haven’t started my morning sickness yet (fingers crossed that it won’t be as bad as the last two pregnancies) and I also hadn’t decided on which clinic to go to. But then I remembered when I had Andrea. I had searched and searched on google for a good doctor and I couldn’t find any reviews or doctors that attracted me (I don’t mean attracted me with looks or anything I was simply just reading reviews of doctors so don’t take it the wrong way).


Then I remembered going through a list of reviews on the Korean cafe community Mom’sHolic on I stumbled across one mother-to-be’s review about a female doctor that made sure she felt comfortable and relaxed through her full 9 months. She ended up giving birth in Korea due to personal reasons but she said that Dr Wendy had helped her feel great through her first pregnancy.

At that time Dr Wendy was at Ang Mo Kio’s AMK as Thomson Medical Women’s Clinic. I went to her for my first Ultra Sound and confirmation of pregnancy screening. I remember her being super down to earth, very calm and soft spoken. But very on the dot and good with explaining details I couldn’t remember of my first pregnancy.  So I decided to go to her again!


Contact Info 
Dr Wendy Teo Shun Hui  
Mt Elizabeth Hospital Novena
38 Irrawaddy Road,
Singapore 329563
Telephone : 6250 1685
HP : 9118 9636 (Office Hours)
Email :
Clinic Hours
Mon – Fri : 9:00am – 12:30pm
  : 2:00pm – 5:00pm
Sat : 9:00am – 12:30pm
Sun & Ph : Closed

I haven’t called to make my appointment yet but if you’re in Singapore and you’re looking for a maternity or women’s clinic I suggest you check her out!

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Things I don’t like doing

September 1, 2016


One of the things I don’t like doing is ironing. Another thing I don’t like doing is sewing by hand. Using a sewing machine, I can do. Sewing by hand, I hate. I don’t know why but ironing and sewing by hand are two things that I don’t like doing.

I don’t like doing things that require repetitive actions. I don’t like doing things that make my mind drift into a blank canvas.

I also don’t like spending 2 hours on something that could be done in 5 minutes by a professional. If the cleaners didn’t cost this much money, for instance in Korea it’s only $2 per shirt, I would just send it off to them.

As a homemaker, this is one of my duties and it’s one of my jobs that I have to do. So I just do it. I suck it up and just do it. But if I had the choice, I wouldn’t. Never.


That’s why when Kaden goes out and makes purchases like these, I get mad. I would say to him “stop buying clothes that I have to iron!!”. I know it’s may sound really selfish, but right now, ironing is something I want to avoid every day.


One of the other reasons I hate doing these two things is the safety of the children. If I want to iron or sew, I have to do it when the kids are sleeping or when they are doing something that requires super high focus levels. Or else they’ll come over to me and ask me what I’m doing, what does this do, what is this for etc etc. Josh already almost touched the iron and I never want to go through that safety hazard ever again.


That’s why yesterday and today, all I did was iron and sew during the mornings. The kids would be eating their snacks or drawing or playing with sand outside. I would be ironing… or sewing…


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…. and … its over

August 28, 2016

It was one of the most highly anticipated Korean dramas of this year. Not only was it getting publicity before it even aired but when rumours and spoilers (of the cast, not the storyline) leaked, it became an issue in an instant. The famous and award-winning actress Jeon Do Yeon was going to be playing the main character. She had only been shoot movies for a while and it was going to be her “big bang” coming back to the TV screen. With the famous and line up of cast members, this was going to be big, and it was big.


The story started off pretty average. It felt very similar to the original American series, nothing seemed too different or off. It went very smooth and very similar to the original. However, slowly and with intricate details, the actors facial and emotional expressions showing the difference between a North American POV and Korean (or should I say Asian) POV, the cast was able to pull this off and create a series of their own. Yes, the bone and marrow of the story were the same as the American version but it was different in many different ways and in good ways.

During the 16 episodes, there were times when I thought to myself “what? this is the same as the original. I should just skip through this episode”. However, every single time that thought came into my mind, something about the storyline or the characters made me watch it. All the way through, without skipping.

Overall, it felt like it was a shortened, condensed, and bolder version of the original. But they did a good job of making the characters come to life the “Asian” way. One of the characters that really surprised me was NANA from Afterschool who played KIM DAN. This was the character Kalinda in the original who plays the law firm’s investigator. NANA had many concerns up her sleeve cause it was her first time acting and people were saying how, since she used to be a singer, that she wouldn’t be able to do a good job. However, that turned the table in the first episode. She was bang on. In her own style and in her own very sexy way.

YOON GAE SANG who played SEO JOONG WON was totally different than how Josh Charles played Will Gardner. He was more strict, down to earth and had a bit more sex appeal. It was in his facial expressions and the details he focused on that made him different. In that 0.5 second moment of letting out his love and affection for KIM HAE KYUNG played by JEON DO YEON was so well played that it even convinced me of how complicated everything was for this character. The fact that he did feel something for her but that he didn’t want to show it. The fact that there was a link between them, something was going back and forth, and that you could see it just by looking at the way they looked at each other was amazing. These little details were so well played out by both actors that it was surreal.

YOO JI TAE playing LEE TAE JOON who is Peter Florrick in the original was very, very different than Chris Noth. If Chris Noth was more on the soft looking on the outside but intelligent and intricate on the inside. YOO JI TAE was smart, fast, and had that very sharp intricate detail in his eyes. He was more agressive that Christ Noth and more on the dangerous side. This actually gave the story more depth and gave me a weird attachment to the story. I always ended up thinking “what would he do next, what the heck does that man have under his sleeve this time!?” and it was in a good way. It drew me more and more into the storyline.

One of my favourite characters was KIM SUH HYOUNG playing SUH MYUNG HEE, which is the character, Diane Lockhart in the original. Although SUH MYUNG HEE was a much younger character than Diane, this character was on the dot all the time. Not taking crap from anyone. Even her brother SEO JOONG WON. She was very strict, always on top of the ball game with her smart brains, this character was very strong and charismatic. She believed that a lawyer must always act on the truth and the facts. No emotional attachments should be made with a client, very different than JEON DO YEON’s character who made an emotional attachment to all her clients. KIM SUH HYUNG was born for this role. It was like this charcter was made with her in mind. She played it so well I almost fell in love with her!


The whole storyline overall made me, as a housewife want to get out and work. Build my own career and start over just like the “GOOD WIFE”. I guess I was more attached to this one than the original cause it was targeted for Koreans. The morals and standards that they went with were more for the Asian-minded. I’m not saying it was a bad thing but it was very nicely worked out and played. Good story line and good cast worked their magic and made me count down then time to Friday nights.

The ending, though. Are they going for season 2? Is that why? I don’t know. It was very open, very on-going and didn’t seem like an ending.

However, the last curtain call. Oh, my. What a brilliant idea!!! It was like I was seeing a curtain call after watching a play at the theatre or something. Wonderfully planned and it literally made me clap (although I was only watching this on my laptop).

Good work tvN. You did well. Hopefull this is going to continue on with “GOOD WIFE Season 2”????

My Notes River Valley, Singapore

Korean Style Make Up (Detailed Version)

August 19, 2016

So last time I did a quick video and post on what make up products I use for my MOMMY Make Up.

Some of you asked for a detailed video if possible so here it is!!


Ok, so the whole point in this “Korean style makeup” is to make your makeup look like it’s very natural and thin. By thin, I mean you should look like you barely have any foundation on. Notice there is no foundation in my list of makeup products? That’s why I mix BB cream and concealer before applying it on my face.

If you want more coverage, then apply a bit more of concealer on the areas that are needed.

Remember, the more silky smooth skin you have the better, the more even toned skin you have, the BEST!

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생각 정리? 마음 정리?

August 18, 2016

생각을 정리해야 하는건지 마음을 정리해야 하는건지 정말 복잡한 요즘이다. 하고 싶은것들이 생긴 지금 이순간이 너무나도 행복하고 좋지만 그와중에 포기해야 하는것들이 생기고, 이젠 더이상 누릴수 없게 된것들이 생겨서 그런지.. 아쉬움과 이상하게 복잡한것들이 많아졌다.

For instance, or should I say the #1 thing on the list is leaving Singapore.

We came to Singapore in December of 2012. Stayed until March of 2014. Just a little over a year. Then we came back in June 2015. Its been a little over a year again. And it seems like we’re going to be leaving again. A total of 2 years and 8 months is the number that we’re going to be writing down in our journals and that number seems to be getting finalized as I type this post.


I still remember our Yishun HDB house and I still remember what it was like living there with Josh. I also still feel sorry and bad for Josh because of the situation we were in. We didn’t have the extra money to spend with Josh. For instance, right now, I can go to an indoor playground or take a cab to go places with the kids. Back then I had to live with a budget of $1000 SGD per month. That included diapers, food and other household items. Kaden’s salary wasn’t as high as it is now (not saying that Kaden makes a whole lot of money, we still have a tight budget but its better than back then).

Although the HDB was a bit old and the scents of burning paper or scented candles drove me nuts. I still remember my neighbor 아줌마 who didn’t speak a word of English but managed to communicate with me. She was a person who had a warm heart and who sincerely, truly, and with a very honest heart, cared about Josh and myself. She was a very good singer too. I remember her singing along to a Chinese song near New Years.


Back then, it was a big deal going to Orchard Road and eating out with Kaden. When Kaden had about an hour left of work on Fridays or Saturdays (yes he still works on Saturdays) he would call and ask if I wanted to come out to Orchard to meet up with him. I would take Josh and the Bugaboo Bee+, head out to Yishun Station for a ride on the MRT to head to Orchard. It would take about 25 minutes but it was just well literally it was the only time (other than grocery shopping) that I (and Josh) would go out. 정말 그땐 그렇게 오차드를 가는것도 정말 재미있고 하나의 “여행” 같은 그런 기분이였는데.

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Going backwards

August 15, 2016

I was listening to some music. Random music when… it was like I tracked my thoughts back and back and backwards to high school.

The thought of high school just makes me smile no matter what. All I have are happy memories and still to this day I cannot forget one name. 짝사랑이라고 하나? 짝사랑. 아직도 생각나는 나의 길고 길었던 짝사랑. Not my first love but a love I only kept to myself. 정말 아무도 몰랐던 그 아이를 향한 내마음. 향 했 던 이라고 써야 맞는거겠지 지금은. The first day I realized I liked him is when I heard this song.

98 Degrees. Because of you.


And now, every time I hear this song. I think of one person. As a sweet high school memory. A high school teenage love. LOL Makes me laugh just typing it but it does make me think of him.

I tried searching for him. Looking him up on Facebook but I couldn’t find anything. I asked around but no one seemed to know. It was weird but I know he’s the type of person who is probably doing his own thing somewhere, being the smart, happy, silly and witty person he was. I hope he still like that.

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August 6, 2016

요즘 내가 마시는 커피의 양은 어마어마하다. 지금도 생각난다. 언니랑 형부랑 같이 아침에 일찍 교회를 갈때, 언니랑 형부는 나를 데릴러 우리집까지 왔다가, 우리집에서 Starbucks drive thru를 들렸다가 freeway를 타고 교회로 갔다 (친언니 아님. 그냥 세상에서 나랑 가장 친하고 어쩌면 친자매보다도 가까운 운명적인 인연임). 그때 나는 정말 달달한 헤이즐넛 라떼를 마시거나 아니면 그냥 2sugars 2milks 를 마시곤 했다. 그러나 지금은 그렇게도 싫어하던 아메리카노도 마실줄 알고. 어떤 커피가 맛있는지, 어떤 커피가 나한테 잘 맞는지, 어떤 향이 나에게 “하아~” 하는 커피의 향인지도 안다.


요즘 내가 마시는 커피의 양은 그때보다 정말 몇배로 늘어난것 같다. 그당시만해도 나는 하루에 한잔, 그것도 아침에만. 제일 작은 사이즈로 주문을 해서 마셨었다. 정말 피곤하고 눈이 안떠지는 날이면 Grande. 그러나 그냥 거의 항상 Tall 사이즈로 마셨다. 지금은… 음…

사진에 보이는 이런 컵으로 하루에 세잔은 마시는것 같다. 정말 많이 마시는 날은 4잔. 커피를 안마신 날은 하루종일 머리도 아프고 정말 제정신이 아닌것 같다. 이게 정말 카페인 중독인가? 싶을때 참으로 특이한 기사를 봤다. 하루에 커피 3잔을 마시면 건강에도 오히려 좋다는..!!!!! 아 정말 진정 커피가 몸에 좋다는건가? 그러나 catch가 있었다. 그냥 커피만 마셨을경우였다. 우유를 첨가하지 않은, 설탕을 넣지 않은! 그러니 그것은 즉. 아메리카노를 말하는! 그냥 커피내린 물!!!! ㅡㅡ;; 하아…

난 그냥 아메리카노는 하루에 한잔밖에 못마시는데. 솔직히 초딩입맛이라서 아메리카노는 정말 느끼한걸 먹는다거나 아니면 진짜 정말 직빵! 커피의 힘이 필요할때만 마시는데. 뭐 어찌 됐든 간에 그래도 커피가 몸에 많이 나쁘진 않다고 하니 다행인걸로!

이렇게 마시는 커피의 양은 늘어났는데. 왜 난 아직도 이렇게 힘이 들고 피곤한지. 하루하루를 돌아보고 일주일을 돌아봤을때는 시간이 정말 빨리 지나가는것 같은데. 그 순간순간. 한시간이 너무 길다. 특히 오후 4시부터5시. 정말 너무나도 긴 한시간.

가만히 생각해보면 아이가 한명일때랑 둘일때랑 정말 천지 차이라는 언니의 말이 맞았던것 같다. 죠쉬만 있었을때 내가 왜 맨날 집에만 있고 뭐가 그렇게 두려워서 애랑 안놀러 다녔는지…? 뭐 그땐 돈도 없긴 했다만. 그래도 난 왜 그냥 집콕 만 하고 살았는지.. 정말 후회가 된다. 다시 돌아갈수도 없는 상황이고 그렇다고 해서 지금 안드레아가 있는게 싫은것도 아니고 오히려 더 좋다. 그냥 내 몸이 힘들뿐이지.

그래도 커피라도 있으니 다행인걸로. 정말 커피라도 있으니 정말 다행인걸로. Nespresso 가 존재해서 정말 다행인걸로. 이것 마져 없었다면… 어휴.. 상상하기도 시르네 정말!

캡슐도 다 마셨는데 오늘은 아이들이 낮잠에서 깨고 신랑이 퇴근하면 맛있는거 먹고 캡슐이나 사러 가야겠다.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!!

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이런 블로거가 되지 말자

July 30, 2016

내가 처음 인터넷에 나만의 공간을 만들고 글을 올리고, 사진을 올리기 시작했던건 아마 이 아니였을까 싶다. 고등학교때 도 정말 많은 인기를 끌었었지만 Freechal도 사용하는 사람들이 정말 많았었다. 프리챌은 이제 없어졌지만 사이좋은 세상은 아직도 존재한다.

처음에 프리첼은 “나”의 공간이 아닌 예전에 만났떤 남자 사람과의 추억들을 올리는 그런 공간이였다. 그 남자 사람은 전혀 관심도 없었던 공간이였기 때문에, 혼자 열심히 꾸미고 그러다가 어느 순간부터 그냥… 뭐.. 휴지한장 처럼 버려졌던 공간이였다.

끄때 난 내 사진에 달리는 댓글과 사람들이 정말 다 좋은 눈으로만 봐주는건 아니라는걸 느꼈다. 모르는 사람이 와서 욕을 하기도 하고. 누가 아깝다느니, 이런 사랑은 오래 못간다느니 정말 벼래별 이상한 사람들이 다 있다는걸 그때 처음 알았다. 그당시엔 어린마음에 상처를 받기도하고 같이 욕을 하고싶기도하고. 그랬으나.. 그냥 무시했다.

그렇게 온라인 공간을 멀리 한지 몇년이 지나고. 학교를 다니고, 대학을 다니고 그러다가 보니 자연스럽게 또 나만의 공간이 생겼었다. 그땐 블로그형식이라기 보다는 그냥 내 포트폴리오를 올리는 공간.

그러다가 블로그를 하게 됐고. 한국에서 살면서, 아이를 낳고 살면서 그리고 싱가폴 생활을 하면서 블로그에 일상을 올리는게 자연스러워졌다.


나는 유명한, 흔히들 말하는 “파워블로거”가 되는것이 목표가 아니다. 사람들의 시선과 관심이 나는 부담스럽기도하고. 언젠가는 그런 생각을 해봤다. 내가 전에 만났던 사람이, 혹은 나를 별로 좋아하지 않았던 사람이, 또는 나를 정말 사랑하는 사람이 내 블로그를 본다면… 어떨까?

정말 오글 거리고, “아 정말 재수없게 쟤 뭐냐.. 그동안 이러고 살았냐?!” 라는 말이 나오지 않길 바라며, 최대한 솔직하게 블로그에 글을 쓰려고 노력한다. 그렇게 노력하고 생각하면서 내 공간에서만큼은 “이런 블로거는 되지 말자” 라고 다짐을 한적이 있다. 물론 지금도 가끔 그런 다짐을 하긴 한다. 그런데 자꾸 내 list에 bullet 이 생각 할때마다 늘어나느것 같다.

  •  내 공간이라서 내맘음데로 할 수 있지만, 그래도 보는 눈들이 있으니 최대한 진실되고, 정직한, 솔직한 포스팅만 올리자. 난 연예인도 아니고, 방문자가 많은 블로거도 아니다. 그러나 오는 사람이 있기는 있다. 보는 사람이 있다. 어떤 경로로 들어왓든, 내 홈페이지에 클릭을 하고 들어오는 사람이 있다는 것이다. 그렇기 때문에 그사람이 나와 아무런 상관없는 사람일지라도, 내 블로그를 봤을때, 내가 그저 허세부리는것이 아닌, 마케팅을 하는 것이 아닌. 정말 순수하게 내 일상을 기록하는 공간이란걸 알게끔, 하고싶다. 그래서 이 공간에서 내 얼굴에 먹칠을 하더라도, 솔직하게 말하고 싶다.
  • 오는 사람 막지 말고, 가는 사람 붙잡지 말자. 나는 내 방문자수가 몇인지 관심이 정말 많았던 적이 있다. 첫째 아이를 키우면서 네이버 블로그 방문자수가 100이 넘는 날이면 하루에도 몇번을 체크하고, 들어가 볼때도 있었다. 그런데 그게 다 쓸때없는 것이였다. 내 방문자수에 집착하면 할 수록 방문자수는 더 줄어들었고, 스펨이 많아졌고, 원래 내 블로그의 정체성이 흔들리기 시작했다. 그래서 방문자들을 배려는 하되. 그들이 몇번을 오고 가는지는 신경 안쓰기로했다.
  • 소중한 댓글 하나하나 다 답변을 달아주자. 댓글들을 지나칠때가 많았다. 혼자 독박육아를 하든, 뭐 시간이 없어서든, 어찌됐든 댓글이 달리면 일일히 답변을 주지 못했었다. 배가 불렀던게지…. ㅉㅉ!! 나는 다른 사람 블로그에 댓글을 거의 달지 않는 편이다. 정말 친한 사람이 아니면, 또는 정말 서로 공유를 자주 하는 사람이 아니면, 댓글 보다는 그냥 공감 하트만 누르는 편이였다. 근데 내가 다른 사람 블로그에 댓글을 달아보면서, 블로그 주인이 내 댓글에 무관심하다고 느끼는 순간부터 나는 그 블로그를 들어가지 않게 됐더라. 인터넷 세상에서 만난 사람도 “사람” 이다. 감정이 있고, 생각이 있다. 그렇기 때문에 한명 한명 직접 내가 내 눈으로 읽고, 내가 진심으로 그 사람의 질문에 답변을 주는것은 기본 매너인 것이다.

이 세가지는 최대한 지키려고 노력하는 나다. 어떻게든 말이다. 나도 사람인지라, 가끔은 블로그로 돈을 벌어볼까? 하는 생각도 해본다. 광고도 받고, 이런 저런 리뷰나 협찬 포스팅을 올려볼까 하는 생각도 한다. 그러나 지금은 아닌것 같다는 생각이 든다. 지금은 그냥 내가 좋아하는걸 하고, 내가 사랑하는 사람들과 이 공간을 같이 한다는게 중요한것 같다. 그래서 더 열심히 하는것 같다.

한명의 여자로써의 삶, 아내로써의 삶 그리고 엄마로써의 삶을 아주 매우 솔직하게. 외모는 한국사람이지만 지극히 westernized 된 내가 바라보는 세상. 내 갈색눈으로 보는, 내 세상은 어떤지. 아주 매우 솔직하게 이 공간을 키워나가고싶다.