Belif Skincare Products

June 4, 2016

So during my trip to Korea, I did some research and found this skin care line called belif. Apparently they make really super moisturizing CREAMS (not just regular lotions), that are thick and great for dry skin (which is exactly what kind of skin I have, it’s like my skin is sensitive, dry and super picky at the same time).


I bought the “line rescue cream” which is like a very thick, creamy and moist night cream that could also be used during the day.

I also bought the “Peat miracle revital eye cream”. Such a long name for an eye cream. But it seems to work for me.

They were about $50 -$60 dollars each at the Duty Free in Incheon International Airport.

I paid a total of 110,000 Korean Won in total, so that should be about right.


Okay, so the eye cream is the BIG thing for me cause no matter what brand I use, I used to get a tingling feeling around the eyes and it would make it hard for me to keep my eyes open when I applied the eye cream on. My eyes would go all watery and I would cry while trying to sleep cause it was so NOT comforting.

HOWEVER, “belif” is totally different. I don’t get that  feeling at all, and most importantly, I’ve been using this every night for a week now, and I AM SEEING RESULTS. The skin around my eyes are brightening up and although I don’t see any wrinkles disappearing, I do feel like the skin is tightening up a little and preventing new wrinkles from showing up.

I’ll do another review of this after about a month of using the products.

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