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When the kids fall asleep

July 28, 2016


Proof that the kids are asleep. Their toothbrushes and toothpaste on the table. Meaning: they have brushed their teeth and are now sleeping.

The first thing that I usually do after the kids have FULLY fallen asleep is run down this hall (speed-walking) and take out the trash.


I literally bolt down the hallway and throw the trash down the chute (which is behind that exit sign).

Then I bolt down the hallway back and wash my hands, check if the kids are ok (like anything would happen during the 30 seconds that I’m gone) and then take my 물파스 (which I cannot live without these days) put some on my shoulders and lower back and then take out some wine and chips!!! Hahahahaha





I always wanted to take a picture of my kids sleeping at night. I finally did it today (before the wine and chips).



그냥 뭔가, 밤잠을 자는 아이들의 모습을 카메라에 꼭 한번쯤은 담아보고싶었다. I just thought it would be a nice “record keeping picture” since I won’t be able to see them at this age, sleeping at night like this forever, I wanted to take pictures of them.



I guess I should do this again sometime and take a picture of them sleeping early when the sun is still a bit out. It would be really nice to have some natural light in the picture.

Now that the kids are asleep, the small bottle of wine has been finished, and the blog post is almost done. I guess I’ll go wash my face, brush my teeth and then watch a movie on Netflix before I sleep!!! hahahahahahahaha

Good night yal!!!!

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