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Friday, hair cut

August 12, 2016

Lately, the kids have been totally hooked on this DUTCH LADY chocolate milk. It’s individually packed so they drink it up like it’s a small piece of candy or something. They finished 8 packs in 2 days.


Josh and Andrea love it more because of the Disney’s Frozen characters that are on it. I guess the packaging really does matter to kids.


Josh has been in this “I’m not going to eat proper food but just junk food” kind of state for the past few days. I was finally able to crack him out of it with some rib eye steak today. But as you can see in this picture. He’s eating fruit loops and half an apple.


Andrea has been so into dinosaurs lately that it was scaring me a bit. But then I saw this and was able to let out a breath of reassurance (that she’s a real girl at heart). I’m not being sexist or trying to drive feminism into her or anything but I sometimes do wish that she would stop playing to all the Thomas and Friends trains and play with girly toys.


As you can see here. She was REALLY into dinosaurs for a while.

Josh. Josh, is a boy (as you already know) who has to have a hair trim or cut every month. Sometimes twice a month. His hair grows out so fast that he sweats so much even just walking to the mall (literally 5 minutes away from our house). So we give him a hair cut at home and we use one of those buzzers? clippers? Is that what it’s called? Anyways, we use the electronic clippers for kids made by Panasonic and it works great even if he sweats a bit during the cutting process.


Today was the day I trimmed his sides and the back of his head.


Much more clean lines than before right? Uh. I wish we had done this before the whole National Day Celebration went on. But oh well.

Josh used to cry and scream so much when we would give him a hair cut. He really didn’t like the electronic clipper and the buzzing sounds it made. But today, he didn’t cry or scream or even become clingy. He just sat down, watched Larva and got a trim like a pro! I guess he is really “growing up”.

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