Pregnancy Notes

Week 8

September 26, 2016


Week 8

입덧의 피크 지점을 향해 달려가고있는 나. 아직도 신랑은 애가 셋이라는게 믿어지지 않는다며 실감이 안난다고 한다. 나도 뭐 그닥 실감이 나는건 아니지만 입덧은 나의 현실이다.

I haven’t been really able to keep food down. Especially fluids. Water is the most difficult. I have lost an extra 2kgs since week 6. I really haven’t been craving anything and I have not been able to sleep properly for the past week or so.

I still feel the weird cramping like pain in my lower belly. No matter what position I sit in, it feels like there’s pressure. I have had lower back pain when I sleep for the past two weeks and my arms feels like they are going to fall off. Thats how much they hurt.

I have stopped taking folic acid because it seems like it makes me more sick to the stomach when I take it. I still drink one cup of coffee a day if I have a headache.

I gag and throw up every single time I brush my teeth and if I smell something that is slightly off, like Andrea’s #2 diaper, I have to rush to the bathroom.

Hopefully this will all just get better after week 9. Crossing fingers so that morning sickness will only last until week 9 this time.

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