Pregnancy Notes

Week 20

December 18, 2016

Last Friday, I had my week 20 Ultra Sound. In Korea, they do a very detailed on around weeks 20 – 24.

Checking every part of the baby and making sure the fetus is growing well.

I had the chance to see every little part of our little sweetie pie.

Overall the baby is really healthy and growing well.

My morning sickness went away around week 17 ish.

It kind of came back around week 19 for a few days and then it went away again.

I can eat anything but nothing raw (like every pregnant woman). I’m still a bit more on the Western food than the Korean food.

Sometimes it’s hard to digest rice so I just have a quick salad. Then have a snack afterward.

Usually, I like to have a fruit bowl or cooked sweet potatoes for my snacks.

I can now sit in front of the Macbook and browse the internet for more than ten minutes LOL.

I can also play with the kids without my back and sacrum feeling like it’s going to break.

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