Pregnancy Notes

Week 21

December 29, 2016

Physical changes: 

Stretch marks have increased significantly. I think most of my stretch marks were along my waist line, pretty low but now, they are all over my tummy. I feel like the oil I’m using isn’t working at all or my skin is just prone to stretch marks. Hahahahhaa

I have gained about 2kgs since about a month ago. I am trying really REALLY hard to not gain so much weight. I gained about 13kgs in total when I had Josh and about 24kgs in total when I had Andrea. My pregnancy with Josh was a lot more active and healthy with Josh than Andrea. I think with Andrea I was just too lazy and too addicted to the Costco soft serve ice cream (I literally had at least one every three days).


I’ve been eating a really healthy diet thanks to my mother-in-law. She’s been doing most of the cooking (cause I’m staying at her house) and her meals are all Korean but are really healthy and full of fresh veggies. I do crave stuff from back home (Vancouver BC) but they are things I can eat here too. This “Downtowner” burger is one of the things I crave often.

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Another craving is strawberries with whipped cream. I am literally eating this RIGHT NOW as I’m typing. I crave it every day. I also crave BBQ baby back ribs.I also crave my mum’s cooking. She makes the best Westernized Korean dishes. I think my brother misses her cooking more than me but right now I’m going to say I do more.

Morning Sickness:

Morning sickness has been pretty good lately. I don’t feel nauseous or feel like I have a headache in the morning anymore. However, taxi rides and bus rides are still hard for me. I get car sick really easily during taxi rides. I think it’s Korean taxi drivers that get to me. They drive like…….. let’s just say I’m not in love with their driving methods.

Overall Condition:

I have been getting these weird pimple-like red dots on my chest and back recently. It’s been getting worse and worse. I called the maternity clinic and they said it’s either stress related or just hormones. I’m guessing it’s hormones cause I got the same symptoms when I had Josh. But it’s been coming up on my face too. They say all I can do is just wash my face thoroughly and make sure I apply enough moisture to the area. They can’t really do anything for me cause that would mean a cream with steroids or some kind of oral medication but that would be bad for the baby. So I’ve just given up. It’s winter. It’s not like I’m going to be showing off my chest and back to anyone. So I’m just going to let this one go and take a shower every day to keep myself clean.

The only actual stress I’ve been getting is little things from living at my in-laws. 5 people living in a house with 1 bathroom. The fact that the bathroom is freezing cold. My mother-in-law taking care of the kids and things conflicting parenting wise. Eating and going places (I have to report everything and everywhere I go to my parents-in-law cause they’re worried something might happen to me with the two monsters). Everything is out of love and care but to a certain extent.

Now that I’m halfway through this pregnancy, I feel like I should still be careful of what I eat and what I do. But mostly I feel a bit sorry for the kids cause I know pretty soon I won’t be able to do certain things with them. I know my body is going to get heavier and a bit more like Humpty Dumpty.

Overall, everything seems like it’s on track and the baby moves around a lot so I’m just praying for a smooth delivery (natural birth) and a full recovery.

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