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[KR] Paris Croissant Cafe | 파리크롸쌍 카페 | 광화문점

January 11, 2017

Mom and I had brunch at Paris Croissant. We went to the Kyobo bookstore at Kwang Hwa Moon station and ended up eating here.

Paris Croissant is located on level 1 of Kyo Bo Bookstore.

When you order at the front cashier, they give you your drink and a number sign. Place the number sign on your table and they will serve you your food.

We ordered the Super Club Sandwich and the Rose shrimp pasta. With the club sandwich, a drink comes with it. We ordered an Americano and shared.

Two main dishes and a coffee for exactly 30,000 won ($30 dollars).

The club sandwich comes with fries, a bit of salad and fruits.

The rose pasta was a bit on the sweet side but it was good enough. Compared to the club sandwich it was more just on the OK side rather than the WOW.

However, for a brunch menu selection for two at 30,000 won, we were both really satisfied with the price and taste.

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