Pregnancy Notes

Week 24 (Glucose Exam)

January 15, 2017

Height: 24 weeks

Thigh Bone length: 24 weeks

Belly Radius: 24 weeks

Ever since last week, I’ve had so many meet ups that considered “eating”. Even my last cooking class was last week. I guess I should have planned out my diet a bit better cause I didn’t pass the first glucose exam and now have to go in again this Friday for a full, second exam.

In Canada, they usually do a full exam the first time. Meaning, you drink the full 100ml syrup and stay at the lab for about three hours for your blood to taken every hour for the glucose exam. However, in Korea, they do a 50ml drink the first time and if you don’t pass that one, then they do the full 100ml syrup. I think I had an empty stomach for too long of time before going in for the exam.

Anyways, other than the yucky glucose exam (that literally makes you feel sick to the stomach for a couple of days), it seems like our baby is doing really well and growing with a strong healthy heartbeat.

We still haven’t decided on a name yet. Well, we did decide on a name, then Kaden changed his mind and we changed the name but then he said that he wanted to go back to the name we had originally decided on.

It’s so hard to choose a name for your child. We had trouble with Josh when we had him, Andrea, on the other hand, it wasn’t as hard cause I knew I wanted to name our baby Andrea if it was a girl. We have an English name, it’s just that we don’t have a Korean name. Uh. So hard!!!!

Everything is well and we are all doing well as a family too. The kids now REALLY know that there is another baby in mommy’s tummy and that it will be coming to see them in about four months.

I just hope I pass this final glucose exam (fingers crossed).

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