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콩빠두 | 옥수동 두부 맛집 | Tofu Restaurant | Oksu Station Line #3

July 27, 2017

Yesterday, I went to a Tofu restaurant called 콩빠두.

It’s located at OKSU Station Line#3, behind GS25 near exit #6.

Once you exit through exit #6 down the stairs, you’ll see EDIYA coffee. Walk towards it and you’ll find GS25 on your left.

Right when you pass GS25, make a left, into the small street.

Once you make a left, you’ll see the restaurant at the end.

It’s a really clean and petite restaurant. But it has all things good with TOFU you can think of.

Lots of Korean celebs have gone by too!

The menu items aren’t as expensive as I thought. Everything is in the average price range.

Once you order, they give you a Soy Bean Porridge.

Also, they provide a variety of side dishes.

They also have this Kongppadu which is basically tofu in soy milk.

Salad with tofu dressing.

The way to eat the kongppadu is to scoop up a piece of tofu on your plate and eat it with the soy milk and a bit of the soy sauce provided.

Then there’s the main dish.

Tofu with kimchi and spicy marinated meat.

Kaden tried to eat this all together which is just WAY too big of a bite.

But you are supposed to eat it together.

White soft tofu soup is also on the menu.

Along with soy milk noodles.

The noodles were super super tasty!

If you’re ever in the OkSu area and are looking for something healthy and special! I suggest you check out 콩빠두!

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