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Alone Time

January 15, 2017

It’s been a while since I’ve sat at a coffee shop, alone, just me, with earphones on and just focused on my blog or something along that matter. With my own music on, I’ve been sitting at this coffee shop with a cup of cappuccino (obviously no sugar) changing the colours of my blog and planning out what projects I’m going to be participating in this year.

One note before I start rambling on about my plans, this is floor A near SHIN KEUM HO station (line number 5). The coffee is really good and this cup of cappuccino is only 3 bucks!!! I think a couple runs this place. It also has free wifi so it’s really nice to just sit and do my own thing (no children attached to me).

So this year, as mentioned before, I’m not participating in the 52 weeks project. I was part of it for two years but this year, I think I’m just not going to have the time and mental sanity to take a picture of the kids once a week. Especially after baby #3 is born.

I was going through a list of things I wanted to get done this year and one of them was to create my own tutoring book. I’ve been an English speech tutor for a while and all the books that I’ve used so far are not as a useful as I’d like them to be. I would always have to go back between different books to scrap my own lesson plans and that was always a pain. So I wanted to come up with a tutoring book focused on just the things that I teach. One for children and one for adults/university students in Korea. We’ll see how far this will go and how much of it I’ll actually get done.

Another thing I wanted to get done this year was to take inspiring photos. Not inspiring other people but more like inspiring myself. Okay, so the word “inspiring” might not be the right word. Let’s say “self-satisfying” photos. I don’t want to go professional or anything. I just want to be able to go out with my camera and take pictures that are not just my kids in their undies playing around the house. But more like pictures that I can, later on, print out and put into a frame and hang somewhere in our house. I’m not saying I’m going to start right away or study photography, well I might have to read some books here and there to get questions answered while I do this but I really want to get started once baby #3 is born. Or maybe a bit after he is born.

My last goal is to be able to fill this blog with useful content. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get at least one or two posts going per week. I’m not too keen on putting up a new post every day but will try and force myself to put at least one up per week.

Kaden had to go to work today so it kind of feels like it’s Monday. My “alone time” is almost over cause the kids are going to probably wake up from their naps soon. Now that I have all my thoughts laid out, I think I’m going to make sure I keep my promise with myself.


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