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AM Playtime!

September 2, 2015


Every morning we like to play inside. Whether it’s with play-doh or just reading books, we try and do something together. The three of us.

P1530680 P1530684

Today, we opened up all the curtains and played “Monkey’s jumping on the bed!”

P1530685 P1530689

Just like the song, there were “two little monkeys jumping on the bed”.

P1530692 P1530694 P1530699 P1530701 P1530704

Then literally “one fell off and bumped his head”. Josh did really….

Then Josh took the camera and took pictures.

P1530711 P1530714 P1530724 P1530727 P1530732

Aren’t these great???

I thought Josh would just take random weird photos but they’re actually really good pictures.!

So proud!

Hope he will like taking photos when he grows up too.

Then back to the mommy pictures.

P1530733 P1530739 P1530740 P1530741 P1530746

She really tries hard. For everything. Literally.


I think I kind of know why she likes my nursing pads… but… I think this really has to stop.

She keeps taking them!!!

Then today, the expected really happened!!!




She found interest in the FAN.

We hoped she wouldn’t but was kind of expecting it.


Then the two of them started to play with the buttons together.

Good thing the power socket was turned off!!!!


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