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Another Sunday gone by

March 29, 2015

Sundays are pretty hard with both kids going crazy and ME, being the crazy mom that I am I have a hard time managing both of them at the same time.

Josh is going through another phase… And Andrea is just Andrea. Being an active 6 month old, putting things in her mouth and crying then eating then peeing then sleeping and repeating it over and over.
However, today was a bit better than last Sunday cause both of them slept for a good two hours. I was able to get my WordPress theme all set up and going.

Josh is so cute with Andrea. He wants to hold her and cuddle with her more and more. He also wants to play with her but.. That really didn’t go so well the last couple of times. LOL

He did a flip on the bed(well.. sort of a flip) and landed on her face. She cried and he cried and everyone was kind of in shock for a while.

+ I can’t believe Kaden will be here in about two weeks. In about THREE weeks we’re all heading to Korea to see the in-laws.

(Cross my fingers and hope the flight out will be ok with both kids…!!!)

+ I need more books to read… I haven’t had a GOOD READ in such a long time. It’s about time I find a book for me. I sure hope I can find some time for me to read too. I havent been able to find time to post things on this blog or even get the design up and running until today. I don’t know how other mommies run a blog with kids and have videos and have cool designs… Maybe in time I’ll be able to figure something out.

+ Now that I have a WordPress app to post things on my phone I think I’ll be able to do quick short stuff too.

+ Ah. All these random thoughts. I think its time for bed.


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