[JEJU] August 2018

Back in August, Kaden and I decided to take a summer trip somewhere with ALL THE KIDS. Yeap. ALL THREE. There were lots and lots of places we narrowed down to. First we really wanted to go to Japan but because of the earthquakes and the thought of using public transportation during the trip just wasn’t going to work so we crossed it out. Then there was Austria. I always,


Another phase in life (HOMESICK)

Life was always just simple for me. No super duper high and exciting moments. No way way down moments. It was always just manageable. Nothing really hit me too hard. Nothing really grabbed me aside (knock on wood). But lately, I’ve been so down and low it’s been driving me nuts. I always wanted to travel. I never imagined living abroad or getting married to someone abroad. Well, I did


Visiting STARFIELD for the first time!

  Starfield is  Korea’s first shopping center that allows PETS into the mall itself. It reminded me of the shopping malls back at home. It’s big, spacious and it literally has everything. Lots of different foods to try and a wide variety of stores. It even has a sports adventure place for adults, a spa+JJIM JIL BANG (really big) called Aquafield and kids play park. It also has e-mart Traders

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