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The Baby stuff I use

June 15, 2017

One of the difficult things about raising a child (other than being sleep deprived for the first year and mentally going crazy) is picking which item to use for your precious little one. It was hard for me when I had Josh because I was in Korea, I had no idea what to buy, no idea what I needed and didn’t have a friend to ask. So I had to my own research and find out on my own.

With Tyler being born, I knew exactly what worked, what I needed and how much of the items I needed to buy.

So I decided to do a post on these “BABY STUFF” that worked for me and my children.

This may not work for you and your child but it’s a list that I’d like to share for all moms.


I use the forehead thermometer from BRAUN and the in ear one from the inexpensive PORORO brand. BRAUN thermometers are really expensive. I got this one in Singapore for about 80 dollars.

However, I like to have at least two in the house so that I have a second opinion. Sometimes the temperature comes out weird and I have to measure it four or five times. For those times, I keep an extra thermometer so that I know exactly what range I’m looking at.

The Pororo brand from Korea is around then bucks and works as an ear thermometer and a forehead thermometer. It works great!

The wet tissue.

So in Korea, there was a time when moms from all over the country when wild and crazy because some chemicals that could do harm, were found in the most popular wet tissues.  I won’t name any names but they were pretty popular brands and some children did suffer from skin infections and rashes.

I settled down on this “enblanc” brand a couple of years ago through

The tissue itself is really strong, it’s about a dollar fifty per pack (if you get it in the hot deals section of and it doesn’t smell.

Most importantly, our children all use this and they all seem to be fine.

The nipple cream.

I tried using about five different nipple creams because when I had Josh, I didn’t know how to latch the baby onto my breast properly. When I had Andrea, I had the same problem because she couldn’t latch on deep. The problem was the shape of my nipples (who knew~) but during the first month or so with a child, I find that even if they do latch on properly, the nipple cream is a MUST!

I use the Lansinoh brand because all the other ones didn’t work. I used each nipple cream for at least a week so that it would at least heal but the other ones didn’t really HEAL. However, this one made it so that the pain would lessen while nursing and it really did HEAL in a couple of days.

Lotions and Gels

For my kids, I used the PUTTO brand from AGABANG (a Korean brand).

The Gel is for soothing, cooling and calming the skin.

The lotion (oil type) for hydration and protection, and the powder cream for smooth bums and folded areas (like the neck, or behind the knees).

I used PUTTO because it’s very soft on the skin, it has a great scent and is also effective. Meaning, it kept my childrens skin smooth and clean.


Okay, so this cream I LIVE BY. It’s like the bible of all skin healing creams. I first used this through a friend who suggested it to me with Josh.

Josh had really bad diarrhea and his bum was going all RED, I mean RED. She said that this worked like a charm for her child and bought me a big hudge jar. I tried it on Josh and by the next morning the redness was all gone. I MEAN GONE. Literally GONE.


This is a lotion I recently found because of Tyler. Tyler was getting small little red dots on his face. They were like tiny pimples but really reall small and spreading all over his cheeks. I did some research online and found this lotion. I would apply this after every bath and once in the afternoon. The little red dots still show up sometimes but his skin has gotten a whole lot better.


The cabbage creme.

Instead of putting cabbage leaves on my breast when they are engorged. I just apply this creme and it’s the same effect!! However, you can’t go overboard with this creme and apply a whole bunch on your breast or your milk supply will drop tremendously. It’s also great for when you want to wean breastfeeding. Just apple this creme four or five times a day and your milk supply will drop in a few days.

Nail scissors

Nail clippers are a must with little ones because they could do harm (to themselves and others) in a second. Their nails are thinner and sharper than adults so it’s very important to make sure their nails are cut ever so often. I use the nail scissors from Double Heart. It’s really easy to use and can cut the thin nails in a snip (that sounds a bit scary).

Nasal Mist.

The Physiomer mist is great for little ones when they have a stuffed nose or for the little boogers that they get in their tiny nose. Just give one spray per side and it’s like magic. Make sure to spray with the baby lying on their side so that this mist and excess water doesn’t go down their nose into their throat. This isn’t chemical liquid or anything harmful but your baby could get frightened and swallow continuously causing your baby to have trouble breathing.


The cold and flu cream. This is for when your baby has a cold or the flu and has trouble breathing cause of a stuffy nose or just needs a calming and soothing cream for the night. It’s great for stuffy noses and coughs during the night when they sleep. Jsut apply a small amount on their chest and rub it a couple of times before bedtime.

Alcohol and baby Q-tips.

In Korea, the nurses suggest you clean your baby’s belly button once a day with alcohol applied to a Q-tip before it falls off. I like to keep this around just in case my children get hurt or something.

The nose sucker.

I don’t know the exact name for this thing but it’s like the best nose sucker ever! I tried the automated ones and the other tube types but this one is the best. You place the pointy area in the child’s nose and your mouth to the other flat side and suck slowly, you shouldn’t do it hard, like breath in fast, do it slowly and the runny nose will be sucked into the tube.

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