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February 24, 2016


Andrea has been weaning (from breastfeeding) since yesterday morning. She had her first nursing session this morning after 23 hours of no breast milk. She’s been on breast milk for the past 17 months and I thought it was about time that I only feed her once a day. Only in the morning. However, it’s been hard. Both on her and on me. I tried so many times to wean and take her off nursing but every time we tried, it was almost like she wasn’t ready for it. Failed. Failed miserably, every single time. But then I thought about the Monsters Inc. bandages I had and put them on my nipples.

Conclusion: they worked. She only asked for breast milk twice yesterday. That was only during the time she had her snack (I guess I didn’t give her enough or something) that she asked for breast milk. Then after that, I guess she didn’t like how my boobs looked with the bandages on or something that she didn’t ask again.

She even went to bed without it. She ALWAYS went to bed after latching on. Yesterday, she just laid in her crib and fell asleep.

So now (that we have both come to conclusion that it is really time to stop, for her teeth), my boobs are like time bombs and they are hurting like a _____!!!!!!!!! (You can fill in the blank yourself hahaha). So I went out this morning, after dropping off Josh at kindergarten, got some cabbage and put them in the fridge. Made them cold, then put em on my breasts. Just like the book says. But I’m still engorged and hurting. Hopefully this will get better in a few days. Cause every time the kids bump into me or try and lean on me. I’m in pain.

Other than the pain issue, I feel like I’m already missing nursing her five, six times a day. Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to make sure that I breastfeed baby #3 too! (have no idea when the heck that’s going to be tho hahahaha).


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