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As a Brand Consultant, I help establish your BRAND, bring out the design elements that meet your needs and help you draw the big picture of your BRAND = your COMPANY = your BUSINESS. From a small design element to aligning your business strategy, I help you accomplish the goals of your business in DESIGN, MARKETING and ADVERTISING.

CEO's always have a vision or an image of their brand in their head, however, to bring that vision out and place it on the design panel is something that requires special communication skills. This is where I come in, I act as the bridge/connector with you and the designer so that the image of the BRAND is displayed exactly as how one imagined it would be. Whether it is a LOGO, brochure, a little Instagram account picture or even your internal staff and management team, I help get everything BALANCED and ALIGNED, JUST THE WAY IT SHOULD BE. Sometimes you may not even know what it is you want. But don't worry, I'll help you.


Business Solutions

You may know your business and how to run it. But are you really up to date with the current target market and their needs? Are you aware of all the resources you can use to bring your business to the next level? Is your business aligned and on point with the rest of the world? I can help you with step by step business solutions made just for you.

Communication Bridge

If you have trouble communicating with your internal staff or design team, or with anyone else, let me be the one to assist you. You may think you don't need it but I can help you and assist you so that you are communicating wisely and delivering your thoughts on point and on eye level with everyone. Business minds do not usually line up with designing minds.

Recruiting&Managing Solutions

Hiring staff or managing employees can be difficult. There are times you meet the perfect match and there are times businesses have recruited employees with best interest eventually falling into conflict. My hiring process enables you to find the perfect person for each position and help you and your employees build a stronger team. Communication lines between Directors, Managers and employees are all different and varies depending on the characteristics of each person. Let me guide you so that every dot and point is communicated wisely and promptly.

Design Solutions

From designing a logo, business card, collateral materials to a fully responsive website, I am the multi-skilled consultant who creates everything with your vision and my sense of style. Making sure your materials area all aligned with the BRAND image, I will do my best you are satisfied with the outcome.

Web&Social Media Solutions

There is a wide variety of social media platforms right now that companies are not taking advantage of. Websites that are search engine friendly get more views and rankings than others. Let me introduce you to the different platforms and how to use them wisely.

Design Analysis

Whether it's a brochure, design template, document or a website, I will take what you already have and analyze it so that you're really making full use of what you have. If you don't have these items aligned with your BRAND image, I'll help you get to the next step.


I am bilingual in English and Korean. Although I am more comfortable in English, I have a high level of communication skills in Korean as well. If you're in need of something in both languages, I will make sure everything is worded properly for your business.


Sometimes even just a two hour conversation over coffee might help you. There are lots of times, consulting becomes counseling and I am willing to listen to EVERYTHING you need to talk about. Start by emailing me!






"We were able to align our logo, hotel image and website in such a short time, it was amazing! We needed a website with booking features but it was hosted on WordPress. Our manager who had set up the site had to return to his home country in such a short notice that we really didn't know what to do. But Vicky came and did an amazing job!"
Allyson Lee
"I am a SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGER. I know how to manage social media accounts for other companies and individual clients but I didn't know how to set up my own BRAND ID and BUSINESS STRATEGY. I was kind of lost but Vicky was able to help me put everything together. Starting with my Logo, to document templates, letter heads and contracts, everything was set up so well that all I had to do was just go out there and get clients! This woman got skills!!"
"I take pictures of children and babies, I just know how to take great pictures, I don't know how to design or advertise myself to get clients. Vicky helped me use Social Media as a FREE advertising platform so that I could get my business started. She helped me through the setting up phase and tough times during the first few months. I am now able to manage staff and my overloaded server of pictures for clients easily."


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