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Breakfast/Lunch (Breakfast Sandwich Recipe)

August 23, 2016

Ok. So this breakfast sandwich is something that my dad first made for my brother and me when we were in high school (I think, I’m not sure when exactly). But it was like an eye opener to Korean street food. I had no idea that they sold stuff like this on the streets in Korea until my dad made this.


Super easy to make, all you need is lettuce (or salad mix), an egg, slice of cheese, butter, two slices of bread, miracle whip and jam (whichever flavor of your choice.

First take a spoon full of butter and put it on your frying pan and melt it, place your bread and leave it on until golden brown on both sides.

Cook your egg in the size of the bread so that it’s not too big.

Put miracle whip on one side and jam on the other side of bread. I used peach jam.

Then place your lettuce or salad mix, then a slice of cheese, then the egg, and then the other bread.

Seriously simple but seriously good.

I had a simple (not so healthy) lunch today.Can you tell it was leftovers except for the Johnsonville sausages? hahahaha yeah. I had what the kids left.


Eating two meals a day is really hard but looking at the results of the home fitness workouts and my meals…!!! Oh my it’s really worth it. I guess once I get used to it and once my body is fit enough, I’ll start eating dinner again.


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