Busan, South Korea

Busan #2 | 부산 태교여행 | Short trip to Busan | 20170226

April 20, 2017

Second day.

So this was the view from our hotel room. Every morning, the sea would say “good morning” to us. Not only was this the best view but it was great to smell the salty sea water. We would open the windows and listen to the waves and smell the salty sea.

Since it was the second day, I asked Kaden what he wanted to do. I kind of wanted to stay in bed and be a bit lazy but Kaden wanted to get a move on it and start going places. I had to remind him that this was not a backpacking trip but a relaxing baby #3 trip.

So for breakfast, we had a quick meal from The Coffee Bean.

Then we got ready and  headed to the seaside.

I think I was about 30 weeks when I took this picture. I’m posting this about two months after the trip so I can’t really remember the exact week.

Kaden. Oh my Kaden. He was so sad that in every picture I took, he looked FAT. He’s not FAT, but he thinks he is. He’s more weight conscious than I am. HAHAHAHA

Stepping on sand for the first time in over a year.

On our way to the subway, we found this huge rock that said “live right”.

We saw so many nice little cafes and restaurants on the way. I wanted to visit all of them but we didn’t have time so we just headed to the subway.

Centum City. The shopping place of Busan.

Shopping central of Busan.

We went and looked around, bought some stuff for the kids (some candy and two backpacks for them) and then headed to the top floor for lunch.

It felt like we just had breakfast but three hours had gone by already.

And out of all of the places, we chose LOCOS. Cause I had wanted to go since…. like… forever ago!

They didn’t have many customers when we walked in, I think it was about noon when we went in.

We ordered the platter and a strawberry lemonade.

This thing was HUGE!!!! They give you two separate straws to drink this. Short ones to drink the slushy on top and then long ones for the lemonade on the bottom.

After about 20 minutes, our platter arrived.

The server said this was good for two people but I think three could take this down too. Kaden and I were pretty full afterwards.

The cutest thing was that they gave us little plastic finger gloves to eat with. Hahahahahaa

After eating lunch, we headed down to the other shopping areas in the mall and then headed back to the hotel. I wasn’t feeling well and wanted to rest a bit. It felt like I could just pass out on the street. So we headed back to the hotel and chill-laxed for a bit before heading out to dinner.

For dinner, we had 밀면. Apparently Busan is really famous for it and they have a quite a few famous places are HAE UN DAE.

The place we chose to go to was right in front of our hotel.

It looked like the cold noodles that they sell at Korean BBQ places.

We also had some dumplings but they weren’t as good as the noodles.

After dinner we headed to the famous OPS backery.

Apparently people line up for this place, and as soon as I stepped in, I could tell why.

They are famous for thier big cream puffs and this was the last batch when we walked in.

I kind of wanted to try everything and purchase everything that was in the showcase window.

But you know Kaden, he does the “are you sure you can eat all this?” thing on me when I’m on a food shopping spree.

So I chose only the things that we could eat back at the hotel while watching TV and take back for the kids the next day. Oh and some that we could eat on the train ride back home.

The cream puff was the best.

Once we were finished, we packed up everything we had bought (there wasn’t much) and put the things that we were going to give to the kids in our suitecase and headed for bed.

It was great to spend some alone time with Kaden and have some quiet time to ourselves. It was also great to be able to talk about different things that we wouldn’t be able to at home. Conversations always got interrupted at home but this was like we could talk and talk and it was ok.

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