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[CA] Chuihong | Korean-Chinese Food | 취홍 | 프레져하이츠 중국음식점

April 1, 2015


Today we tried take out from 취홍.

Koreans call it Chinese food but it’s more like “Chinese food LIKE~ Korean food”.

Notice on the chopsticks it says “KOREAN CHINA FLAVOR”…? I’m guessing they meant to say Korean style – Chinese Cuisine.

We ordered four entrees.

깐풍기, 짜장면, 삼선간짜장, and 삼선우동.

This is kkan poong ki.


The side onions and pickles.


The Oodong soup wrapped separately.

The jja jang myun sauces wrapped separately.


And this is the jja jang myun ALL nice and sauced up~


The food was nice and clean.

The flavor of the noodles were nice, it tasted like they used fresh ingredients.

The one thing I’m curious about is if they use any kind of MSG in their menus.

Cause I can’t really taste any kind of MSG in it! (Ok I lied, I got too excited. I do taste some but not a whole lot.)

Usually IF there is any kind of MSG in food I get hit pretty hard after about 40 minutes of finishing my meal.

I get super tired and FOOD COMA comes at me like I’m turning into a zombie. I’m sort of getting it now… while writing this.

I had this about 35 minutes ago.. hehehehe

Anyways I give this place a good 8/10 for their food.

Although it was take-out, the noodles weren’t super poofed up or super dry.


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