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December 31, 2016

Our last and final post of the year.

The kids have grown so much during the 52 weeks project and during the year of 2016 we, as a family have also grown up.

We’ve had some ups and downs but it’s been a wonderful experience to be part of this project.

I won’t be doing this in 2017 because I know I won’t be able to catch up but I will try and keep my own postings going so that I have something at least once a week.

Happy New Year everyone!!!!!!



December 26, 2016


크리스마스 이브날 우리는 아이들을 재우며 “빨리 자야 잠든 사이에 산타 할아버지가 와서 선물을 주신데” 라고 꼬셔서 일찍 재웠다. 솔직히 일찍도 아니였다. 10시 넘어서 잤으니깐.

On Christmas morning. Josh woke up and got the gift he wanted. A robot that turns into 3 different cars. This happy soul wanted to take this robot EVERYWHERE we went that day. Church, McDonalds, and on the ride home he wouldn’t let go of this robot.

This little kitty got a doll for Christmas. A baby girl that you can feed and hold with a sling kind of thing. She didn’t want to hold the baby but she LOVES to feed her. I think we’ll have a good babysitter when our baby#3 is born.

Our Christmas was very normal. Very average. Nothing really special. We all got up at 6:30am and opened presents (more like the kids opened presents). Then we all went to church. After church, we had McDonalds cause Josh wanted a Happy Meal (he said he hadn’t had one in a couple of months and come to think of it it was true). Kaden and I went out during the afternoon, just the two of us to visit Myeong Dong and Hong Dae, which we haven’t been to in  about 5 years. There were so many people that we couldn’t even walk properly, so we headed back to Ok Su Dong to eat dinner at Urban Spoon (my current favorite pasta place). Then we came home to have Christmas cake with the kids but they were sleeping by 7:30pm!!!!! WHOA!!! So we all just had a little bit of cake then went to bed early.



December 24, 2016

Concentrating on eating her Kinder Surprise. Andrea has been asking for chocolate a lot lately but I haven’t been giving her ANYTHING hahahaha

Loves to stack cups and loves to clean up. I have no idea where he’s getting this from but his organizing skills have increased so much lately.



December 18, 2016

Week 49 already.

I noticed I had the dates all mixed up but oh well. This will just have to do.

The kids are busy with their daily tasks and playing. Josh, however, seems to really want to go to school.

Andrea is always so interested in boy toys.

She does have dolls and baby stuff to play with but seems to like the big cars and trucks.

However, on this day, we was playing with her Sophia doll the whole day.



December 18, 2016

There weren’t that many pictures this week that I wanted to use for the 52 weeks project. This was the only one. I usually have a few to choose from but this week I only took one that I wanted to use for this.

Josh was in the bedroom watching a color learning video and Andrea was playing with Kaden’s magazine.

I said “say cheese!!” when I took this picture and Josh looked up but Andrea didn’t. You can totally tell the difference between the two characters. Andrea, when focused, doesn’t really care about her surroundings while with Josh, on the other hand, he’s curious and conscious of everything. Now that Kaden is here too, they both seem to be more focused on what they’re doing. 정말 아빠의 빈자리와 아빠가 옆에 있을때의 다른 모습들. 우리 가족이 이제 다 같이 있어서 그런지 아이들도 더 안정적이고 집중력도 좋아진것 같다.



December 10, 2016

안드레아는 태어나서 처음으로 목도리를 해본것이다. 엄마가 만들어줬다고 어색하지만 잘 하고있는 아이들.

이번 겨울을 무사히 잘 넘겨주길 바래.

목도리 뜨다가 내 목이 나갈뻔한 이번주.

이제 다음주면 아빠도 오고. 우리 다섯식구가 한국에서 정말 건강하고 행복하게 잘 정착하길 기도해본다.



November 21, 2016

할머니 할아버지 집에서 매일 내복 바람으로 이렇게 노는 아이들. 이제 점점 둘이 같이 노는 시간이 길어지면서 엄마는 그저 바라보고만 있는 ㅋㅋㅋ 전혀 간섭하거나 싸워도 놔두는 그런 상황. 알아서들 싸우고 챙기고 놀고 하는 지금이 너무 좋다.

한국에 와서 추운날씨에 적응하느라 코가 건조해지고 코피가 나고 살이 트는 일이 발생했지만 그럼에도 불구하고 두놈들이 다 잘 놀고 잘 적응하고있다.

이제 다음달초에 아빠 오면 놀러 가자!!



November 13, 2016

Going to Korea.

We have safely landed in Korea and have been adjusting to the cold weather.

Both kids are having a good time but seem to think that we’re just here visiting.

Josh keeps saying he wants to go home and Andrea has just been stuck like glue to me.

Hopefully we’ll all get through this winter without any problems.